Global 1942 with General 6 Stars advanced game.

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    Yo’s, I started to look at this game awhile ago and redid a few things on Il’s 42 map and now I have some players that want to play game with some tweaks I have made.

    Will be using oob rules and setups with the setups being changed per Larry Harris to remove the bid for allies.
    I also have added some tac bombers to the game on setup plus can buy escort carriers in game now.
    Looking at adding a another fig in Schezwan or taking an inf from Midway & West Canada inf to Schezwan.
    I also tweaked the costs, attack and defend values for some pieces. If you click on map pdf it will show you these values in bottom right hand corner of IL’s 42 map.

    I added a few more victory city’s to where axis needs 12 city’s now.

    When I was working on this map plus for Baron’s game ideas we ended up changing a few sea zones around the Dutch Islands to promote hopefully more action. We will see how that goes. As always can alter the map ( have IL’s permission) if need be after some play.

    Air Bases in game mostly around Capitals and a few victory city’s but think will keep them out for now.

    Picking up map and start playing in a few weeks hopefully and in mean time I can set this up and take a look at it and if anybody wants to see pics of the setup with added tac bombers let me know.

    Rays1942 2nd edition final print copy 3.1(3).pdf

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    Well got a turn in and with some changes its nice to have a few bucks to spend and the added Tac bombers to the game. No idea at this point if i went the correct ways but just testing out.
    Here’s a few pics at end of turn 1. Seems most is OK but China. I got Chungking a victory city and there is no resistance coming from them. I’ll post piece values chart and show a few other tweaks with all countries getting more money.

    3C4DBFCC-421C-454A-B8E7-0EB4D0DA3734.jpeg 16FC3E82-F20F-4C9E-9C46-9326843EC980.jpeg

    Here’s a pic of piece values. I’m not a fan of Tac boosting a tank based on be to strong in this game. Rather have Tac pick target first round based on dropping its bomb or even getting a plain attack @4 first round only. Then @3 rest of rounds. This helps the allies a bit more.


    I do like the transport getting a plane shot only on defense. Helps allies some and they did get 2 hits on axis planes on turn one total.

    Ok starting incomes in this game.
    Russia 25
    UK 40
    US 50
    Germany 45
    Japan 35

    On setup I did add tac bombers, 1 AAA gun in Karelia, did most of Larry’s non bid of 20 suggestion moves and added pieces and a few on No Limits suggestions.
    I can post list of changes and added stuff if anybody wants to see them. I know No Limit suggested another fig in Schzewan but that ain’t gonna help. China needs infantry. If Chungking is gonna be a victory city will have to beef it up. Can’t see why not swap out US Inf for China pieces and keep at least 1 Tiger. Then on a certain turn the tiger fig has to leave China and absorb into the US navy.

    Well onto turn 2 now and will see if the US can get going. They are threating Tokyo fleet so now they will have to bring back the fleet down by India.

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    OK. After playing a turn and looking at this stuff I’m going to change a lot of things.

    1. Value of pieces adjusted again.
    2. Russian lend lease per turn.
    3. Add Siberian railway.
    4. 1 move only from East of Burma up to national okrug border. Japan can tank blitz but take longer to Moscow. 4 turns anyway through China to Moscow.
    5. Adding inf to China and making them China pieces with some kind of income or build.
    6. Tweak 4 pacific islands 1 less icp each and make Tokyo worth 8.
    7. Add paratroopers. With only a move of 4 with a bomber.
      Here’s new piece values.
      Ground units the same.
      Paratrooper C4 A2 first round then A1 rest of rounds. D@2.
      Lol or ILs suggestion of round 1 A3. Round 2 A2 round 3 A1.
      Stg B C11 A4 .79 D1 .20. DF1 SBR 1d6+1
      Tac C10 A3 .72 D3 .72 ok. Here’s where you can have a few different rules. One is can pick target first round only based on dropping bomb or if you roll a 1 you can pick target.
      Fig C9 A3 .89 D3 .89 + if you roll a 1 get a bonus dog fight plane kill too besides your normal hit. SBR DF AD@2

    DD C7 A2 .98 D2 .98
    SS C6 A2 1.33 D1 .67
    CR C10 A3 .72 D3 .72 + if roll is a 1 get a bonus aa gun plane kill to besides normal hit. A1 .24 = .96
    Now this piece is worth buying in game and the DD is not way stronger than a CR.
    This is way the CR is never bought in game.
    BB C18 A4 1.56 D4 1.56 dam AD3
    AC C14 A1 .32 D2 .64 planes only. Dam 1 plane can land or takeoff only. Dam A0 D1
    This piece could change after more testing.
    Can go if dam no planes can land on it.
    TR C8 A0 D1 .38 planes only. Dies if only ships attacking.

    Russian lend lease chart at end of each turn.

    1. Art Place Only Archangel, Persia or Bury
    2. Tank Place only in Archangel or Persia
    3. Art Same as number 1
    4. Art Same as number 1
    5. Fig Place only in Archangel, Persia or Kras
    6. Art Same as number 1

    Can place in 4 locations if territories are under Russian control. With Krasnoyarsk being a victory city it be nice to have a Russian lend lease piece there but may only be a fig based on that’s where planes from Alaska landed from. But Vlad is another LL location but only Art would go there. These 2 locations would help against a Japan attack.

    All this works in a game based on its what I use in my own game.
    Mostly most tweaks are only on cruisers based on if cost needs to be adjusted with a d6 system and need to see if rolling a 1 for aa bonus plane kill is to strong.
    As always needs to be tested.
    Also if planes in any battle and your using hit dice you will need to use a d6 dice to see if the Tac, fig and CR get pic hit and or bonus plane kill.

    Now other idea is adding airbases just to capitals so you can scramble just 1 fig. You do not get the +1 move.

    New incomes stay the same.

    Few more ideas.

    1. Roll 1d6 for capital ship repairs.
    2. Tankograd. Russia can build 1 tank for 3 icp
      since Krasnoyarsk is a victory city. Helps against BS Japan tank blitz to Moscow.
      Reason for the 1 move in Asia and Siberia.
      This will be an interesting test play.

    Well that’s it. Don’t want to add any more based on want to keep game play short.

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    @general-6-stars I would like to see the changes at your convenience!😁

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    Changes added to setup.

    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Russia.
    Add 1 AAA gun to Karelia.
    Russia’s income is now 25.

    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Germany.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Northwestern Europe.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Norway.
    Move Stg Bomber from Germany to Ukraine.
    Remove 1 sub from sz 5.
    Germany’s income is now 45.

    Add 1 Tac Bomber to London.
    Add 2 Inf to India.
    Add 1 Inf to Egypt.
    Add 1 Destroyer to sz 7.
    Move Cruiser from sz 14 to sz 13.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Carrier in sz 35.
    UK’s income is now 40.

    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Japan.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Carrier in sz 37.
    Move fig from carrier to East Indies Island.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Carrier in sz 50.
    Japan’s income is now 35.

    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Western USA.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to Hawaii.
    Add 1 Tac Bomber to carrier in sz 53.
    USA’s income is now 50.

    Replace all US infantry with China Inf now.
    Add 1 Inf to Yunnan.
    Add 4 Inf to Szechwan.
    Add 1 Inf to Anhwei.
    Add 3 Inf to Sinkiang.
    China;s income is 3 Inf per turn if control Szechwan.

    Ok will see how this goes with other stuff added to game.
    Maybe some 42 players can try setup only on the oob 42 map and see what happens. Keep in mind a few of these tweaks are based on Tac’s getting a pic shot first round, figs dogfighting during ground and naval combats, cruisers getting choose between a ship or plane shot, Chungking a victory city, A 1 move only in Asia and Siberia and Russian Siberian railway. There is also a victory city in Kras. Make Japan earn there Stuff. Russian lend lease per turn.
    The goal is to have both sides need each other for win.

    Time to play test.

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    Here’s the map with changes and maybe having air bases where you can scramble 1 fig to a naval battle with sea zone next to base and 1 fig from each air base to a ground battle.

    Rays1942 2nd edition with air bases 4.1(3).png

    I made China territories, moved money to West USA worth 12, increased Szechwan worth 2, the 2 Dutch islands from 4 to 3, New Guinea and Solomon islands from 2 to 1, made Japan worth 8. Malaya from 1 to 2. Still have to add Siberian Railroad, 1 move icons for Asia and Siberia, lend lease placement boxes, and change piece values again on chart in corner.
    Map shows the new Victory cities added. Tunis, Stalingrad, Singapore, Chungking, Krasnoyarsk and Anchorage.
    Axis needs to control 12 cities for win.

    Of course these may change.

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    @general-6-stars Nice. I will need to play with some of these ideas…

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    One thing not added to setup is place 1 Paratrooper each in the 4 main capitals but not Moscow. This is only based on Russia has no Bomber on setup.

    Also if you transport the paratrooper in combat the bomber only gets a move of 4 and not 6.
    As for non combat I guess we could add that but still a move of 4 if you didn’t use bomber in combat.

    Your AAA guns now defend @2. If planes attacking, your AAA gun would do the normal plane shot and then on first round of combat would not get a defend of @2. But on 2nd round of combat etc. your AAA guns would defend @2. If no planes attacking then your AAA gun would defend @2 on first round of combat and etc.

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    No Limit. Here’s the setup with changes.

    CB1573A8-A811-4F4B-89C8-733A8CC175A3.jpeg C81AEC6F-DE06-437C-B89A-BFCA351E3D44.jpeg

    I still need to manually make tokens for value changes I made yet but China is there. Schezwan is worth 2.

    I just played turn 1 Ussr and Germany so far and that scramble 1 fig from an airbase is sweet
    Plus the figs get to dog fight too same time.
    And Russia got to pick a tank in one battle first round based on Tac can pick target first round only. More to come.

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    @general-6-stars I think the game would benefit with some convoy disruption rules. like laying tokens in certain sea zones and rolling per surface ship, etc…

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    I did have convoy circles on map.
    I’ll post the map with them tomorrow.

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    Going to add convoy boxes.
    Will put on map along with air bases.

    Thinking to keep it simple each box worth 2 or 3 icps. Any ship can convoy raid.
    As far as planes doing convoy raiding is only on the back burner for ideas. Looking at Tac bombers only can convoy raid. Place Tac in convoy box. Country being raided pays right away 2 or 3 icps from there income to the bank.

    Another change to map is the sea zone border for 14 and 15 is gonna be moved through the island so Uk unit’s from Egypt can hit Tunis victory city.

    You need to control the island inside sea zone with convoy box to do damage and control 1 territory touching sea zone with convoy box.
    Some sea zones maybe just a zone with a convoy box. Still can damage. The countries names will be written down with a box.

    Will post map updates and piece values in a day or 2.

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    OK. This is what I’m going with for now. Map has air bases and convoy zones. Any time there’s an enemy ship ( 1 only ) in a sea zone with a convoy box it does 3 damage and move income tracker token down.

    I’m also looking at but not sure yet is tac bombers can do convoy raiding too. Place the tac bomber on convoy box your raiding in combat and automatically that country has to pay 3 icps to bank. Then in non combat land your tac bomber.

    Rays 1942 2nd edition final print copy 4.1.png

    Time to play test.

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    @general-6-stars Germany didnt trade with anybody by water except Sweden. I would put that in sea zone 3, not 6. Who did Germany trade with via the north sea?

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    The convoy in sz6 is for Sweden ore transports during non winter. So you want it to sz3. Making UK go out and get it then. I can move it to sz3.

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    @general-6-stars Just consider the route that Germany would transport pig iron from sweden and how direct it would be to go to Germany

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    Ya. I moved it to sz 3

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    @general-6-stars I dont think National Okrung should have one, its too marginal

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    @imperious-leader said in Global 1942 with General 6 Stars advanced game.:

    @general-6-stars I dont think National Okrung should have one, its too marginal

    If your referring to air base it’s there based on lend lease where figs landed from Alaska.

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    Following. Looks awesome!

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    OK. I think this is it for map for now. AB added, convoy boxes and lend lease chart with box locations. The motorized 1 move dash border with motorize 1 move only arrows.
    Calm down. Japan can still gets tanks to Moscow turn 4. ( Killin me ) !
    I would like to add the Burma road with the Hump so UK could send 1 Art or Inf across hump
    to Yunnan if open and then to Chunking if territories are china controlled.

    Rays 1942 2nd edition final print copy 4.1.png

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    OK. Did a turn 1. Just starting to test. But with added stuff and piece changes and what few can do made turn 1 very interesting. A ton of little stuff happened.
    Convoy raided German ore.
    Took West Russia and had a stack In Karelia. Didn’t do so good on defense Germany brought 5 planes but no aa kills. That hurt a bit. Lost Leningrad. Russia got a artillery for lend lease. Placed in Archangel. Persia will be a good spot as war goes on. Then stacked Stalingrad.
    Attacked Leningrad. Took that. 2 subs and a fig attacked UK fleet. Epic. UK scramble 1 fig due to rule for AB. BB survived damaged and UK took out a sub based on UK destroyer present and also got a bonus dog fight plane kill too.
    So Germany lost 2 subs and the fig.
    UK had a damaged BB and a transport. The tranny did not get a plane hit on 3 defense rolls.
    Attacked UK Cruiser with Tac and fig and UK Cruiser got a plane kill as it sunk.
    Stacked Libya and bought a fig and navy to protect trannys. Gonna be interesting to see how Germany’s gonna have to take Cairo and hold Tunis.
    Drop paratrooper in Norway. Just stack
    London see. Took pacific island and attacked japan fleet off of East Indies. Did have the Cruiser pic the BB for ship kill instead of plane kill. Since japan had 1 Tac and 1 fig and didn’t matter based on defender choose plane.
    India no threat yet.
    Convoy raided US and attacked China. Got 2 territories but China got 1 back and is stacking the Chungking. Moved ships back home for shore shots and a japan paratrooper landed In Yunnan.
    Not much do do. Took Solomon’s and raided a japan convoy box. Bought a factory For Hawaii.
    Hard for US to get going but that’s the norm.

    Changes I’m making for next game are IC cost 12, transports cost 7.
    Will see what happens with this.
    So below will be the after turn 1 pics.

    Since I did play like 3 turns of normal oob 42 game and setup this advance change and other stuff is way better. Just gives you so much more small stuff you can do. Of course gotta test and will see if there’s any victory city changes and etc. on the map is 4 Russian yellow squared boxes for lend lease placement and tokens with squares in sea zones and tokens only are the convoy boxes. It’s a flat out -3 icps for production on chart. But keep in mind your Tac bombers can convoy raid a box in combat and country loses 3 icps from there income and must go to the bank.
    Will see if this is to strong for allies.
    Be cool if Germany had a few Tacs hitting convoys in Atlantic.
    Granted I maybe playing somethings wrong but it is what it is. Will have more players to help also to see way more different stuff. I think this is gonna be a awesome game. But just me.

    7569F8F4-D57D-40D4-AEEB-DFDA881BC588.jpeg B43717B7-C01A-471C-8454-C8494892F67F.jpeg

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    @general-6-stars said in Global 1942 with General 6 Stars advanced game.:

    Be cool if Germany had a few Tacs hitting convoys in Atlantic.

    yea that’d be sweet

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    End turn 2. Funny as turn goes on u say oh that countries to strong. Then oh ok it’s fine. Lol

    UK and US landed in Europe maybe a bit early but needs to force Germany to start defending at home.
    Japan wipeout China. China defense was a bit weak on rolls. But UK nit picking japan south and US starting to gear up and ic in Hawaii gonna help. Can build 4 units there.
    Will see if allies are to strong in game. May have to remove a few of larrys tweaks for that allies bid of 20.

    822252C4-AE44-47CD-A032-B62EBA9FFC2A.jpeg 03FE26DD-E54D-48C3-A568-DEA8699CB1BF.jpeg

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    End of turn 3. UK did take its Tac and hit Germany convoy box for 3 icps which they must pay to bank out of there income stack.
    Russia holding there own. Japan ground just can’t go into Russia since there’s a India stack and Russians to the north where they just can’t abandon Chungking. That stronger China stack did help allies. Japan might get to Calcutta in a bit but will see. Germany has to deal with UK US landings now so how much push can they do east. We shall see.

    One thought on next game setup.
    May have to add 1 more German sub.

    8B627200-8F5D-4745-BF77-DED93397C13E.jpeg 03BA3913-890D-4B52-8860-92CE0832C7AD.jpeg

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