Global 1942 with General 6 Stars advanced game.

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    Got turn 4 in this morning. Very interesting. After Germany’s turn the axis are at the victory condition of controlling 12 victory cities.
    Russia not many options yet. So far as lend lease have received 4 art. Dam. No tanks or figs yet but holding Stalingrad and now the main threat is going to be middle east with Japs sending in more reinforcements to Chungking to hold and possible threat to middle east with Germany coming in top door. But now Germany has it’s issues with losing Tunis. Germany also had to protect Rome and Paris and not much going to east front. This will help Russia hopefully and maybe get a counter attack some where. Dam a fig on LL would help. LOL.
    Oh The axis have cut off 3 of the LL landing spots on map and Persia is the only 1 open now so that is going to be huge for Russia to keep control of.

    So the allies were forced to take Tunis to prevent the axis win which was probably best option since Germany stacked Paris and some had to go to Rome so US couldn’t do a landing there. Also with taking out the German Med fleet. Now Africa is cut off for axis and allies will have to decide if going for Cairo is better than Paris with helping middle east and Russia. But allies still need some kind of D Day landing.
    Also if allies can at least control 1 China territory when US plays there turn China can place 3 Inf there. Another great option for allies. Japan does have a slight chance to get Calcutta but will see if they can control Chungking and also get Calcutta. but India has other ideas.
    As mentioned before it was great to see a beefed up China plus 1 move only in Asia and Siberia so now Japan has to work at getting cities and hold without that dam tank blitz LOL.

    As map shows UK went to Africa. Both allies can come back to Paris but how much ground can you take from Tunis. In pic it shows how you can hit a convoy box with a UK tac and force Germany to pay 3 Icps to the bank right away for getting ore shipments cut off or ships sunk.

    Japan basically just got Inf and a IC and are now defending to hold cities and US will be forced to do something soon maybe. Will see. US is splitting income for both sides mainly and that’s the way it should be to a certain point.
    So axis at 11 victory cities and will see what happens.
    Incomes after 4 turns
    USSR - 23
    Germany - 48
    UK - 33
    Japan - 33
    USA - 54

    Axis - 81
    Allies - 110

    6383AC6B-7AB4-4867-A2E2-9C2D82CCC124.jpeg 9FBDCADA-A948-4CFB-853E-8971E8BF3927.jpeg

    Double click on maps to get a good closeup.

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    Turn 5.
    Russia just taking back west Russia to keep German’s blocked and of course Germany taking back. Russia again only got an Art but still helps and placed only in Persia.
    Germany not doing much and lost the sub by Morocco off of UK convoy box and really just built Inf. Oh the German’s did lose there Baltic fleet finally.

    UK left a ground in Tunis and brought back rest of fleet and ground with tranny’s to London. Looks like maybe a Baltic landing in Leningrad or Finland. UK has to go that route to relive pressure in Kras area and to also help China.
    UK tac hit Sweden ore convoy again. No German surface ship to contest plane attacks…

    Japan just moved ground up in Asia and hit the 2 UK convoy boxes in Indian ocean.
    Japan’s gonna have to do something quick and axis together to get another point. Cairo gonna be in trouble and maybe Japan should have gone for Calcutta and then just come back for Chungking ? US is probably going to move up next turn and force Japan to attack the main fleet and hope Japan loses all there planes ?
    Somebody gotta make a move here. lol

    US holding its own in Atlantic. Gib seazone good spot to help Med and hold Tunis and keep German’s from landing again in Africa.

    Pics below show end of turn 5. granted some play may not be correct according to master players but it is what it is.

    Disreguard the US ground troops on Caroline Islands. Forgot to move back.

    Compared to 42 OOB this seems to have way more options and more action.

    9E5F31EA-D139-4A79-A24A-5CA9A748A432.jpeg 0BD1A3C5-3EA0-40F7-A9A1-DDAA89643605.jpeg

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    Turn 6.
    Forgot to report this yesterday. Not looking good for axis. Have some changes in mind need to tweak for next game.
    Will have to play a few more turns.
    US moved fleet with no Japan threat to homeland and China back in the game.

    Thinking as I thought was allies gonna be to strong which is good.

    B4C8A7FB-4A42-492E-998B-322D194C9519.jpeg 30F83AC8-6BD5-4020-A1E3-13E91CE00C3B.jpeg

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    Be more updates in a bit. Swamped at work weekends.

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    OK. This is the map now with just a tweak or color change to victory city chart circles.
    Will start a new game after we play my 41 game this Saturday. There will be a few setup changes for allies. Seem to be to strong as of now.

    Rays 1942 2nd edition final print copy 4.1.png

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    Ready now to test play some. Hopefully this is the final map. lol
    Will tweak a few setups for allies based on being to strong last game.

    Rays 1942 2nd edition final print copy 4.1.png

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    OK. Got the updated map and setup done. Will have a game Saturday.
    I will post setup charts and a list of some rules and piece changes.

    Have turn, income and victory city trackers at the top of map.
    Double click on map to zoom in.


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    Setup charts. Will post special piece and some rules.

    Rays advanced 42 Germany setup 2 chart).png
    Rays advanced 42 Russia setup 2 chart).png
    Rays advanced 42 Japn setup 2 chart).png
    Rays advanced 42 UK setup 2 chart).png
    Rays advanced 42 US setup 2 chart).png

    Still working on these but posted for anybody want to try out and to use for guys in Saturdays game.
    Will post turn pics of Saturdays game.

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    Here is the piece chart and what they can do.


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    Here’s the special rules in game. Not a lot.

    Another Option maybe is to also have 1 fighter can escort and intercept on a SBR run only AD@2. STG. Bomber @1.

    !942 Advanced Rules 1.png

    This has been edited. China builds 1 inf per controlled territory instead of 3.
    If Japan leaves an empty controlled territory, place 1 China inf there and they
    take control of territory.

    Fighters roll a 1 get a bonus plane kill to besides normal hit. Was added to list.

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    OK. Got a game in and allies were able to hold off the axis. Axis conceded at the end of turn 5.

    End of turn 1.

    82A42612-292D-4427-83B6-E1F0B8F9E30D.jpeg 82FED80D-7A1C-4D0A-B5B1-1089B184EEB4.jpeg

    End of turn 2.

    CAFDED27-A52C-4964-A72E-61092E0E4895.jpeg 58E2BB27-5FBC-46EB-A97E-43DAC1BC41AA.jpeg

    End of turn 3.

    33B1D25F-4F78-43C9-8674-8815EBAA3EC4.jpeg B8F8C647-43A9-4F04-A548-C16C6174EB3B.jpeg

    End of turn 4.

    91668FDE-9B5A-4AC6-B6F5-B037CE002A8C.jpeg A3B7F025-F892-43D0-8184-33D9432472C8.jpeg

    End of turn 5.

    2821011D-3746-4370-9D18-0EC4E52F918F.jpeg B5390564-18F2-4D6C-A468-CD462413CA2C.jpeg

    Germany came out strong in beginning and did get Stalingrad for a VC which for some reason is not on OOB game. Maybe since it was 42 is when they thought at that time it was because of the Russia push back ?
    Japan only took 2 China territories and was able able to build 2 inf on there turn.
    Japan did attack Russia turn 1. So in a few later turns China was attacking Japan a lot.
    Based on Japan didn’t go full force into China.
    Was cool to see that.

    The 1 move in Siberia did slow down the Japs but with China and Tankograd with airport and LL box there is a VC there so no need for Moscow with those 2 VC added.
    But Japan did get to outside of Moscow and areas to help Germany.
    But there was a comment on that 1 move but Japan didn’t play right in later rounds.
    The 2 city’s added to game now is more of a bonus for Japan based on Japan taking Moscow turn 3. To me that’s a joke.
    This gives Russia some time to build up.
    So that gives Japan 2 VC ( Kras and Szchewan) instead taking 1 VC (Moscow) on that area.
    Later in turns Japan never threaten US on Pacific side so they basically bought most on Europe side and UK became a power house making more money that US.
    UK did land in Russia with US and then both landed in Paris to take and hold and that was pretty much it.

    For me was first time playing game and it was intense early and was nice to see a lot of little things going on based on added rules. Saw DF plane kills here an there with some convoy raiding going on with ships and tac bombers. Plus some planes getting to scramble. Russian lend lease was cool to see also with allies not needing to get to Russia so soon in games and at least there pieces could do something else in game.
    They did land in Leningrad 1 turn to help hold Moscow and divert some German ground and then focused on D Day.
    Allies did kill a lot of German planes with ship buys off London and Germany keep attacking.

    Most axis had was 10 cities and with more of an aggressive Japan at sea and other city threats would of definitely helped with US not building mostly on Europe side. As in my games try to make Japan have to help more in wins then other games.

    Only change at start of game was China could only build 1 inf per territory owned.
    Also if Japan left a controlled territory empty then 1 China inf pop up and they
    could take control of it.

    So will have to play some more to see if allies are to strong in game yet.

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    Alright. After some discussions and thoughts there will be a few changes.

    1. German bomber from Ukraine to Berlin.
    2. UK income reduced from 40 to 36.
      This will even out for Russian LL.
    3. If Moscow falls they still collect income if they control own territories and still receive LL
      If control territory and or if allies capture back a territory with a LL box.
    4. The 3 coastal territories in Asia that Japan controls at start of game will now have a china logo. So if China captures one of them territories they can build 1 unit. The allies do not receive the income for them.
      So any China controlled territory with a China logo that they control can build 1 inf
      If japan leaves a controlled China territory empty then 1 China inf pops up and takes control.
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    Here’s basically final map for now. At the moment there is a test game going on.
    Will update the rules chart based on couple more games played and to explain a few rules in more depth.
    Added a victory city points tracker.

    Rays 1942 2nd edition final print copy 9.1.png

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    Here’s a game going on and it’s turn 3 with UK up to play next.
    Axis at 10 cities. Japan will get Krasnoyarsk on there next turn to go to 11. Looks like Germany backed off Cairo threat and moved to Tunis to defend in case Operation torch starts for US.

    Russia did more attacking against Germany and we will see if it was worth it. Looks like the Moscow sandwich may happen. So UK India will have to make a move.
    Japs took out China and got Chungking victory city to keep them out of game for now. Japs to to leave a unit in each territory. Will have to adjust when we continue.


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    @general-6-stars A huge abundance of LL to Soviets came as Half Tracks, Jeeps, Trucks I think the LL chart has too many artillery choices

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    @imperious-leader said in Global 1942 with General 6 Stars advanced game.:

    @general-6-stars A huge abundance of LL to Soviets came as Half Tracks, Jeeps, Trucks I think the LL chart has too many artillery choices

    I agree but didn’t want to add mechs to game based on it doesn’t have any or let alone another piece.
    On my other game yes more mechs on that chart.
    I could add them to game for Russia anyway. Maybe go with 4 options.

    Cannot buy in game.

    1. Mech C0 A1 D2 M2 tow artillery.
    2. Mech C0 A1 D2 M1
    3. Mech C0 A1 D1 M2 tow artillery or Inf.
    4. Mech C0 A1 D1 M1

    Like option 3 best.
    But then most will say why can’t rest of countries get mechs. We know Russia got 1000’s of trucks.

    Also looking at making Italy a country. Would need to find a good spot in turn order. At least give axis something in Europe between UK and US. Tunis is gonna be a huge victory city. Got more Africa action now.

    Ain’t heard from that guy yet on if he printed up map or has been testing.

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    Here is the Italy add to map. Increased Germany 2 icps and +1 to Italy giving axis 3 more icps. Need to see if they can contest Cairo and hold Tunis or hold Tunis from the sandwich.

    As of right now just testing normal map with no Italy. But Germany income raised 3 more Icps.

    Rays 1942 2nd with Italy edition final print copy 9.1.png

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    What do think IL ? Just go with Italy and not the regular map ?

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    @general-6-stars Well its an option so its 3 vs 3, would require alot of playtesting to see if its balanced

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    Ya. Gonna get a map with Italy too. Gonna have to swap out BB and trany to become Italian.

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    Gonna now move 1 German sub from Baltic to sz with 2 German Subs in Atlantic to 3 on setup. Based on time frame if it’s early 42 this gives Germany some decent battle of the Atlantic action.
    Also since a plane can scramble with a destroyer present on subs only attacking.

    Maybe those 3 subs will just hit convoys and split up and force allies to come and get.
    Gives Germany maybe a sub fodder or 2 and plane attacks later. Then maybe not

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    Got another game in. Allies win. Seems they can get to Finland to quick in game and will make the Norway upper north border to go all the way to Russia like it is on real world map. This will give Germany that 1 extra turn to counter.
    That sea zone up there is huge because when US threatens a d day landing in Atlantic west of UK and Germany buys most for defense on coast line territory all US has to do is then go to Finland and land. Just to quick.
    Also just 8 turns in game now. Axis doesn’t get 12 points at end of any turn by end of turn 8 allies win.

    Changes made to game.
    Paris worth 4 instead of 6.
    Italy worth 5 instead of 3. Gives Germany a chance to buy more in Med and for Africa to defend Tunis.
    Romania worth 3 instead of 2.
    German income increases from 48 to 49.

    All coastal territories in Asia north of FIC are worth 3 now.
    Yunnan worth 2 based on Burma Road.
    Japan’s income increases from 35 to 37.

    Tac bombers C8 now and AD@2. Still can pick target first round only. This will also help Germany get a extra turn of a sub raid in game also. Was just a bit to stronger than a fig.

    Seems allies still just a bit to strong in game and axis go on the defense a turn or 2 to early. Was at 11 VC points ( 12 for win ) but then by turn 4 can’t push no more on either side. Just saying if they get to 12 at least then allies need to counter a bit faster maybe.

    98FAA96D-FEF3-4265-B6AE-052BF8E45A20.jpeg ![4C597756-5091-4A52-834B-7BCD47BBFB90.jpeg]
    (/forums/assets/uploads/files/1653647221705-4c597756-5091-4a52-834b-7bcd47bbfb90-resized.jpeg) 8B39BCD9-1B66-4712-A2AC-8FC9DB74A5E1.jpeg E50CA87E-BB12-4B11-B64D-60498B43DCFD.jpeg DDA7E1B0-601E-4F90-9E64-3173C41127ED.jpeg 756F0324-8857-42E9-A4B7-2BB05CAB41E8.jpeg A3710DA6-D0B6-4CAF-97C0-4ED1779CB4B3.jpeg

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    Did you build the dice towers yourself?

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    @the-captain said in Global 1942 with General 6 Stars advanced game.:

    Did you build the dice towers yourself?

    No I did not make them. Knew a guy that made them. Asked to make more but said wasn’t really doing any more. Maybe he is now ? Don’t know. They do fold down too.


    You could try e-bay. I’ll take a peak and see.

    Update. Did not see them on E-Bay.

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  • 2023 '22 '21


    They look great.

    I’ve made my own - started building them in various shapes to find the most suitable form, so the dice don’t roll over the edge in the tray.

    This one is the best shape so far.

    Think I might build one like yours as well.

    The Captain's Dice Tower.JPG

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