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    Welcome to Total War 1861-1865! My goal is to create something new out of something we already know and love – Axis and Allies. Many have been looking for a Civil War era game that plays mechanically like Axis and Allies and feels and plays like a historically themed civil war game should. So here is my attempt at creating it! If you have been a player, most of the rules should seem pretty seamless and intuitive. There are a number of rule changes and additions to make play more interesting since there are fewer units to work with during this ear of warfare. I will make a list here for you to take note before diving into the rules. Much of it will seem the same and easily recognizable. Thanks to all those on social media who have made suggestions along the way. Like what you see? Buy me a coffee 
    New Units: Cavalry, fortifications, breastworks, garrisons, warships (sail), ironclads, schooners, and riverboats. See unit profiles for details.
    Espionage: Spies perform infrastructure damage and steal currency.
    Retreats: Defender may retreat on a successful die roll.
    Assault/charge: Attacker may perform an all out charge on defender.
    Amphibious assault: transports must be paired up with other ships to move, only infantry can assault occupied territories and don’t fire first round.
    Cavalry raids
    Sherman’s Total War: Attacks on infrastructure by all ground units.
    Ports: Ports are safe havens for ships.
    Possible Great Britain involvement.
    Two hit Ironclads.
    Several theaters of play from the Mississippi river to the eastern theater to the far west.
    Pre-Combat roll table to add historical advantages and disadvantages.
    First strike artillery bombardments.
    Combine arms with artillery paired up with either infantry or cavalry
    Fortifications and breastworks for defender.

    totalwarpic.JPG Costsmovement.PNG turntracker1.jpg south.png

  • @earmark This looks so cool, I’ve seen a civil war game discussed but never an actual board. Have you play tested it?

  • @tincanofthesea
    It is being playtested right now on Tabletop Simulator. Just getting started with that and I’m hoping its balanced well, but might need to make some adjustments. If you have TS, you can play if for free…it’s in the workshop. If all all goes well, I’m planning on printing up 50 games to sell. Facebook has a large axis and allies community called “axis and allies”. In the files section I have posted the map and rules.

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    Will this game come with the miniatures?

  • 2022 2021 '18 Customizer

    watching; this looks incredible. Well done!

  • @john-brown Yes. Having them printed.

  • @vodot Thanks! You can follow progress of this game on facebook forum for axis and allies if you’re already on it.


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    That is awesome news.

    Thank you!


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