Be careful what you ask. It may benefit someone else…


    Mo’Nique wants her peeps to not fly United.

    Lemme guess.

    1. Alla the people she dealt with were white.
    2. No one recognized her.
    3. She didn’t get the special treatment she expected.

    NOTES : One of the officers was black and eventually sided with her.

    Lemme guess.
    4) After she recovered from the fact that no one knew who the hell she was.
    5) After she had a chance to identify herself.
    6) After she had a chance to changerephrase her story.

    Hey, Mo’,

    1. 9/11 put lotsa people on edge…every day…especially on jets.
    2. Unusual equipment draws special attention…especially on jets.
    3. Fat people, snooty people, and people who don’t speak reasonably clearly(and without cussing) draw special attention…especially on jets.
      Finally, Mo’,
      4)not only when flying, but also between the boarding gates…
      what the flight attendants, pilots, maintenance personnel and Air Marshals says goes.

    As for Mo’s request that “other black person(s)” not fly with United…
    Go for it!  :-)
    My family and I are flying out west later this summer.
    Guess which airline may get all the bizness.

    I bet United bookings increase quite a bit after a small decrease!!

    I find it ludacris(sp?) that “The View” lets Star Jones(a formerly fat woman) go and
    considers Mo’(a current and former Phat Gurl) as the replacement.
    Is that stereotyping??

  • Everyone who flies knows that the airlines are extremely tight - especially American ones.  I"m not an American, and i even know that when flying to/through the States you gotta’ watch your P’s and Q’s.  She’s just a stupid dummy.

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