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K, whats your favorite war movie.

  • Platoon, is my choice.

    " You wasted alot of good people up there, with your f**ked up fire mission, you know that." Sgt. Barnes

  • “Full Metal Jacket”, “The Sullivans”, “Battle of the Bulge”…its all good.

  • I really enjoyed Enemy at the Gates and one of my favorites has always been Lawrence of Arabia.

  • A Bridge too far

  • platoon was bad ass, as was saving private ryan (only the first couple of times) but if i had to choose one then i would definetely say Apocalypse Now……I really need to rent the remastered one mua ha ha

  • Patton (older film)
    Saving Private Ryan (newer film)

  • “The Longest Day”
    “Sink the Bismarck”

  • das boot
    the only film about german u-boats with german speaking crew….
    you can’t beat that!!
    gtz Nils…

  • Damn, I’m surprised this topic didn’t get more replies! I’d have to say that my favourites are Enemy At The Gates and Saving Private Ryan. Platoon is very cool too, I haven’t seen it in awhile though.

    What’s Apocalype Now about? It’s set in Vietnam, right? I’ve heard people recommend it, but I haven’t gotten around to renting it yet…Want to see Schindler’s List as well. (although I don’t think that’s really a WAR movie)

  • The last 10 days, enemy at the gates, a bridge too far and Tora Tora Tora

  • Patton.

    my guilty pleasure movie was “the devil’s brigade”

  • Lawrence of Arabia is a sensational movie, though I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a war movie.

    My favorite would have to be Patton. It was the most accurate portrayal of single greatest charismatic and colorful General ever invented.

    “General, there’s a lot of questions surrounding whether your men know if you’re acting or being serious.”
    “I doesn’t matter that they know! It’s important for me to know!

  • “General, there’s a lot of questions surrounding whether your men know if you’re acting or being serious.”
    “I doesn’t matter that they know! It’s important for me to know!

    the head of anatomy at my school is a little . . . interesting. he quotes this. i think i’m the only person who knows it in our class 😄

  • And you can say Patton was a little… interesting, too. 😉

    But my favorite quote (and there are a lot of them) of the movie has to go to:

    “A whole world at war and I’m left out of IT!!?? God will not permit this to happen!!”

    Well, sometimes being weird isn’t enough.

  • Das Boot,
    Nothing new at the western front (i think it’s called that),
    Die Bruecke (The Bridge, but not too sure about this name either)

  • Yeah it’s actually All Quiet On The Western Front I believe, but when it’s literally translated it’s Nothing New on The Western Front. I haven’t seen the movie, the book is good though.

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