Spring 2022 Battle of Britain - See Battle Report

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    Our next event will be on 10th April. In Derbyshire. We currently have 7 players and space for more, so get in touch if you would like to join us. Typically we have a game of each of Anniversary, 1942.2 and 1914 running and players get to choose which they want to play.

    NB The summer event will be on 26th June.

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  • @private-panic Hello there, I live in Newark in Notts and I would be glad to attend both of those events if you have room. Are they one day events?

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    @leebear Hi! I will add me to the list and look forward to meeting you.

    Yes - they are one day events.

    Can you please PM me your mobile phone number. That will allow me to add you to our whatsapp group. Also your email address so that I can include you in the arrangements email a month before the event. That email will tell you everything you need to know in order to join us.

    Adam (PP)

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    We now have 10 players at our next two events with space for 3 more at each. Those spaces will be allocated to the first to come forward.

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    We had 9 players and ran three games. It was good to feel that the event was getting back to normal after Covid. 😁

    It’s hard to play in a game yourself and also follow what is happening in the others, so I can only hope that this battle report is accurate. If not, perhaps we shall see some corrections from maligned players!

    CPs - Andrew
    Entente - Ste & Rob

    The CPs followed a Moscow first strategy, with G and AH combining to push R back. T also advanced on India. The Entente surrendered when Moscow and India both fell.

    Two games were played on the day as the first was over so quickly.

    Game 1
    Axis - Mark (J) & Lee (G and I)
    Allies - Darren

    This game was declared an Axis victory when Moscow fell.

    Game 2
    Axis - Lee
    Allies - Darren (R and USA) & Mark (GB)

    In the last round of play J launched a powerful attack on India, but lost 5 of 8 planes to AA fire. Disaster! Although India was taken J was no longer able to compete against the USA in the Pacific. But the clincher for the allies was GB’s capture of Berlin.

    Axis - Adam
    Allies - Dave (GB) & Colin (R and USA)

    Following an absolutely awful run of luck in the first turn J was in a mess and G already facing a North Atlantic Allied fleet. G did manage to grab and hold Leningrad but began to struggle to reinforce the eastern front as it fought off ever more powerful allied landings in the west. Meanwhile J lost the money islands and felt sorry for itself.

    However, G then managed to pull off an opportunistic raid into Moscow and pinched R’s treasury, which at least shut up the Axis player’s complaints for a while!

    Then J unexpectedly found itself with even odds on the Combined GB/USA Pacific fleet and decided to risk it. Superior J tactics and fighting spirit delivered a glorious J victory.

    G also gained an even odds attack on Moscow and, inspired by J’s example, launched an all-out assault. Again the Axis won with significant forces surviving.

    The Allies surrendered. The Axis decided that the dice were not so bad after all!

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    Yes. Totally agree on one country and answering questions all day. Even sometimes playing just a major axis country.
    Great you had a meet !

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    3 Axis victories ? No bids for the WW2 games?

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    @witt Hi Leo. Actually 3 Axis and 1 Allied victory - in the second of the 2 games of Anniversary.

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