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  • Armchair Generals,

    Tired of maps that don’t inspire you?

    Want to get more out of your AAM gaming experience?

    Check out www.hbfronts.com!

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  • Armchair Generals,

    The latest issue of FRONTLINE NEWS - Your interactive source for AAM Gaming, Tips and other neat stuff, is now posted!

    Check out this months contest…

    And the BEST part? It’s FREE!!!

    HiRes (14 MB):

    LoRes (5.1 MB):

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  • Armchair Generals,

    Here’s what you can expect to see in the August Issue of FRONTLINE NEWS:

    History 101: Italy’s Invasion of North Africa Stalls…
    FREE Scenario & MAP - Battle of Tobruk and Tobruk 1942! That’s right - the link and password to the FREE mini-map of Tobruk 1942 (17" x 25.5" with 99 hexes) will be included. The map will be available for download until the end of August.
    GREAT FOR GAMING: Historical House Rules (HHR)
    A Closer Look: Germany’s Vaunted Afrikakorps
    Fear the Sky! Japan’s SNLF Paratroopers
    Monty - Britain’s Best General?
    NEW AAM Units: UK Matilda Mk II and Italian Semovente 75/18

    Don’t forget to email us if you want to be added to the FRONTLINE NEWS mailing list! It’s the ONLY way to get the Tobruk 1942 Mini-map! Just email us at sales@hbfronts.com or visit our website at www.hbfronts.com.

  • Armchair Generals,

    I know you’re probably all drooling over the prospect of getting your hands on a relatively realistic Desert Battle Map.

    So, to help you get through these last few days before August’s issue of FRONTLINE NEWS is released, I’ve released 2 images for you to examine! The first gives you an up-close look at the wadi’s, palm trees and desert terrain and the second lets you see an overview of the whole map. Here’s the links:


    Enjoy, and don’t forget - you can only get the map if you subscribe to FRONTLINE NEWS! PM me if you’d like to be added to our mailing list - it’s FREE!

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