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  • I personally have a lot to learn.  Just wish I could play more than once a week.  Hell I’m thinking about posting a flyer at the local comic book store and host a Saturday afternoon game.

  • Wow, perfectly even.  I may be off on my answer, because unlike you, I don’t even get to play once a week.  I’m lucky to play once a year!  It sucks being just about the only one in your circle to like this game.

  • A lot of times local comic book and gaming stores have boards that you can pin a letter on stating that you are interested in a game.  I’m sure you can find some people interested.

  • I’ve heard about that.  What I’m talking about though, is trying to get my friends to be interested enough to play a game, but nobody is ever willing…  😢

  • I’ve never lost a game. I’ll look into that comic book store thing though, thanks.

  • 2018 2017 2016 '11 Moderator

    Personally, I’m pretty good at defeating average players and holding out a long time against good ones.  Besides, I come up with some neat variants to normal strategy that at least makes my opponents think of a counter, even if they arn’t “good” varients.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Lost all games here i belive… (5 or 6)

    But that is mainly becuse im trying to find a viable Lufwaffe strát with germany.  (and it´s getting better)

    So im an average player on the net (it´s ok if you call me a poor player, untill i prove you wrong)  😛 , but looses 1 out of 5 in our game club and at conventions.

  • Well I can’t say I’m better than most, but I can say I’m better than you eldeano…

    and like that, the Hero of the Seven Sands was gone.

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