The Second World War: A Strategy Game

  • The map is here! The rules and other playing aids will soon follow. Stay tuned! See other post in customizations forum to stay informed about the progress of development. DBF87D1F-3C46-43AF-8856-33CA1F19C027.jpeg 321FEBAC-F92E-4C5A-91EC-2D1679235250.jpeg

  • @ryandascienti Looks cool, but I think Europe is both too crowded on absolute terms and having too small territories with respect to what most of the rest of the world has.

    I think you would be better either further increasing the area Europe occupies on the map or decreasing the number of zones into which you have split this area. For example, you could represent England (comprising Wales) as a single territory (instead of the current two), have a single territory (instead of the current two) for northern Italy and have two territories (instead of the current three) for the Italian Peninsula, and so on.

    The Urals are rather small mountains and are economically important as a source of minerals: I’m alway perplexed when I see anyone having them impassable.

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