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  • If you have ever noticed the symbol that controls Indonesia and Suriname and wondered what is was, it is the Netherlands. Not playable in any game of Axis & Allies yet, you can buy an unofficial e passion pack for it on HistoricalBoardGaming.com. It can really disrupt Japan on its way to conquer Australia and could provide just a little more manpower for the amphibious assault of China or Indochina, as well as the defense of French Indochina and British possessions. As it lacks a capital, it will not earn any income, but will start out with 11 IPCs. Once it’s army is gone, it can never be liberated and goes into control of the occupier. When liberated, the first power into a territory will be the new owner.

    Celebes 1 Infantry, 1 Artillery, 1 Naval Base
    Java 1 Infantry, 1 Mechanized Infantry
    Sumatra 2 Infantry, 1 Fighter
    Dutch East Indies. 1 Infantry, 1 Tank, 1 Minor Industrial Complex
    Suriname 1 Infantry

    Sea Zone 42 1 Cruiser, 1 Battleship
    Sea Zone 44 1 Transport

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    Hi Landkreuzer,

    If I recall correctly, one of our members has this “house rules” pack.

    Not sure if it is game balanced, since we haven’t play testet massively.

    You might also find inspiration for a similar Pacific expansion - that is game balanced.

    You’ll find it under The Captain’s Global 1940 House Rules Collection - Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

  • @landkreuzer1000ratte I like the idea of a more active Dutch East Indies, but I think some of your unit choices here are a little extravagant. The historical ABDA force was mostly destroyers and light cruisers, and had very few effective infantry. I’m not sure what the purpose of mechanized infantry is on an island chain where it’s impossible to move across 2 land spaces.

    I could also use some more clarity around diplomacy – if Japan invades Borneo, does that trigger a US declaration of war? Can Dutch units move and/or attack before the UK is at war with Japan? Before the US is at war with Japan? Do they engage in combined attacks with other allies, or do they get their own turn, and if so, where in the turn order? If the Allies liberate Holland, does that have any effect on the Dutch East Indies?

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    My setup for Dutch East Indies for my game if your interested in is
    Sumatra 2 inf
    Borneo 2 inf
    Celebes 2 inf
    Dutch New Guinea 1 inf
    Java 1 inf 1 tank
    Cruiser, Destroyer and a sub in Java sea zone with a naval base.

    Argo is correct in a way. J
    there were a lot of tanks on Java, but most ships were in Java sea zone. When it was attacked Dutch only had 5 ships but allies had some there to.
    Not a fan of an IC on Dutch East Indies. Japan just take and use plus collect 11 icps if game has can capture IC and use next turn.

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