• My son received Europe 1940 (2E) for Christmas…been playing it non-stop ever since (just finishing up our fourth game).

    We’ve really enjoyed the hell out of it…previously we’d only played 1941 (the shorter game) and A&A Zombies. The additional units and complexity have really raised the bar/standard for us. Just can’t say enough good stuff about it.

    Okay…my question:

    It appears that the Axis is a bit underpowered compared to the Allies in this game. I’m (nominally) the better player between my son and I, but he’s no slouch…he has beat me before in earlier A&A games, and our learning curve has been about the same (I had never played A&A before we started together).

    The two times I’ve played the Allies in Europe 1940, I have absolutely CRUSHED him…and quickly. The Americans’ ability to bring wave after wave of attackers (assuming UK and USSR can both hold on) is overwhelming.

    On the other hand, while I won my first game with the Axis, it took THREE DAYS OF PLAY to secure victory, with Italy basically having to land ships in the Caribbean and march into Central US to force concession (Moscow never did fall).

    As I wrote above, we are on our 4th game and, again, I am playing the Axis and (again) it’s taken three days (!!) of play to take eight victory cities. And that’s AFTER taking Paris on G1, Moscow on G6, and maintaining a stranglehold on Europe and Asia.

    The problem is Italy and their complete inability to do more than send sailors to the bottom of the ocean. Both games I’ve won (well, I’m about to win the one we’re playing) it has taken Germany doing everything itself. Italy can’t take…or hold…Africa or the Mediterranean against a well-played UK/USA combo. South Africa and India become perpetual thorns in the side of the Germans, while Gibraltar and Morocco get taken and retaken by US forces. Italy ends up starved for IPCs without bonuses, ending up a punching bag to remnant French ships before the USA arrives to really slap 'em around.

    This game…well, I figured it was in the bag after I took ALL of Asia and Europe by…mmm, turn 7 or 8? Rather than concede, my worthy opponent decided to fight on. That was two days ago.

    [update: he just retook Egypt via a convoy from South Africa; with cruiser and air support…the war continues]

    It feels like the game is balanced in the favor of the Allied forces in the Europe edition. Without Japan to draw and occupy the USA’s attention, the Germans end up fighting a war on three fronts, with the fall of the Soviet Union hardly guaranteeing victory…so long as the UK maintains its presence in West India and Africa.

    [even later update: it took another two hours, but Cairo…and the Allies…finally fell. Had to take it three times before it held]

    I understand folks may simply concede games after London or Moscow falls to the Axis. Played out, it’s not that easy (in my first game as the Axis, I took London TWICE and it was still liberated by the end of the game). World domination with only the Italians for support just seems…extremely difficult.

    Or maybe I’m just doing this wrong? Is there a faster way to victory for the Axis?

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    You just need to get the Pacific side of the board and then the USA wont be able to just pound away at you. Some radical thought shifting will occur because that player will now have to consider both sides.

    Plus, the Global game is way more fun!!!

  • @seancb

    Welp, Pacific should be arriving in about 5 days, so we’ll see how that changes things.
    ; )

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    @black heh heh you’re gonna dig it : )

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    Interesting post:

    Firstly, I find it interesting you talk about Asia being conquered without having Pacific 1940 (I find it odd that you also mention Japan, but you’re probably just talking conceptually).

    Secondly, after reading several posts on this forum, it’s interesting the varying opinions-I read one topic that said what you said (not exactly of course) whilst there at least used to be a large consensus on the Axis being overpowered.

    Thirdly, I don’t think that Italy is helpless, although do note I almost always play against myself (using the Global 1940 edition, but that doesn’t seem to change much), so there might be something different.

    Fourthly, the Axis almost always win in my games. The degree varies, but one time (also note that strict neutrals are almost always activated somehow in this game) Japan conquered Greece.

    Finally, I often like the Axis to win (that way history can really change, not just the Allies winning like historically, even if the how is radically different), so I welcome any additions that make the Axis more powerful!

    As I said, that was a great post, and it sounded like quite an exhausting game of several hours a day (my house has a dedicated room for the board, so I can leave it there for several weeks or months and come back to it any time).

    I look forward to hearing more from you!

  • @superbattleshipyamato

    As I wrote, we’ve owned (and played) other editions of A&A that utilize the entire globe on a single board. Europe 1940 is our first experience with a limited theater of operation.

    As such, I suppose I’m just used to having Imperial Japan as a strong power for the Axis side…and its absence is sorely missed. The addition of France and Italy are wonderful…love ‘em…but while the UK, USA, and USSR are much the same as in the “smaller” game, the lack of Japan to coordinate with Germany really makes the Axis a challenge to play in Europe 1940.
    ![alt text](![image url](image url))
    In my opinion. But we’ve only had the thing for a couple weeks. Just wanted to get the opinion of the folks who’ve been playing longer.
    ; )

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    Having Japan on this game comes at a price. The Soviet Union, the UK (throwing in ANZAC with them) and especially the US are all severely strengthened and China is in the game, a small force, but definitely a problem. As I said, due to me usually playing against myself, I can’t give any good Italy ideas, but check on this forum and a lot will pop up. It really depends what the UK does.

  • @superbattleshipyamato

    Appreciate the info.

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    Hi Black,

    Once you add the Pacific 1940 2E, you’ll experience a different game, where the Axis are much stronger.

    Most Global 1940 players agree that the Global 1940 game is in favor of the Axis.

    You might find inspiration at the Global 1940 Game Report Thread - as well as the Global 1940 Strategy Guide.

    You’ll find these threads - and much more - under “Customization - House Rules - The Captain’s Global 1940 House Rules Collection”.

    Fun & challenge is guaranteed👍

  • @black I too thought the same thing when I only played Europe. A couple of factors majorly contributed to it, as the Axis I always took too long to take advance and I didn’t really have a grand strategy. As you play more I’m sure you’ll see how strong the Axis is. I’d suggest watching strategy videos such as Operation Barbarossa

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    Definitely! Most of the games were Allied wins!

  • To be clear folks, it’s not that the Axis cannot win…it’s just that the win is so much more difficult to achieve.

    My last Axis victory was played to the bitter end…eight VCs and the Allies not within range of taking ANY back before the next G turn. Since we’ve started keeping records, I can tell you victory was achieved on turn 21.

    By comparison, my last two Allied victories occurred on turns 7 and 9. In both cases, the Axis conceded but the writing was on the wall (most of their units finished, huge swaths of territory left wide open and empty, and the UK, USSR, and USA advancing en masse on multiple fronts). In one case, the only countries left to the Axis were Germany and Italy proper.

    I think it’s possible to win playing either side (strategy, dice luck, and reaction/adaptation all playing roles)…but the Europe only game seems to skew in favor of the Allies.

    Both my son and I are VERY interested to see how Pacific plays (with Global to follow shortly thereafter, I’m sure).
    ; )

  • @tincanofthesea

    Interesting. We were reading old strategy threads on this forum, and while I favor a G1 attack on USSR myself, it’s proved a disastrous strategy for my boy. The Night Witches pretty much won the eastern front for the Soviets in our last go around.

  • I think the problem is with the U.S. economy when played separately. Compared to their global income, it comes out to a very small amount being spent on the other theater. Less then 20 if I remember right.

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    The US automatically get an extra 30 IPCs in Pacific 1940 when at war.

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    I always hate having the Axis attack first, based on how things historically. They lost, didn’t they?

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    @superbattleshipyamato said in Underpowered Axis?:


    I always hate having the Axis attack first, based on how things historically. They lost, didn’t they?

    The Axis powers did lose. They also attacked first, gaining victories with surprise attacks and bravado. Of course, in the end, they bit off more than they could chew.

    Having the Axis attack first is historical. Whether or not the end, where the Allies win, is historical is on the players.


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    As your Global 1940 game experience increases, you’ll need to play against multiple new players to improve your skills.

    The first 100 Global 1940 games are the hardest ones - after that, you’ll master the game.

    By then, you’ll most likely play with modifications & house rules, to balance the game, as well as increase the Historical Aspect, Fun & Challenge.

    We (Danish Axis & Allies Community) always play face-to-face, and mostly 1 vs. 1

    Including myself, 7 of our members each have more than 400 Global 1940 games under the belt.

    We play the OOB Global 1940 in conjunction with those house rules:

    • Axis & Allies Global 1940 Basic Expansion
    • Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion
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    You’re correct. If you or I misundersood each other, I just meant that attacking first is a bad idea, as the Axis lost partly because of attacking first, so I’m learning from history.

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    Dang, 400 games… I doubt I even have 40!

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