1 vs 1 tournament: A&A Anniversary 1941: Rules

  • Tournament Rules
    Gratefully adapted from @trulpen’s tournament rules.

    @ozymandiac carries the main responsibility for the tournament.

    Furthermore, arbiters are @ozymandiac and @The_Good_Captain. The arbiter’s function is to support conduct and rules implementation during the tournament. If need be, arbiters will make the final decision on any rule violation or other game dispute. Arbiters are prohibited from making rulings in their own games.

    Available game versions
    The name of the game is Axis & Allies Anniversary, 1941 scenario (TripleA: ‘World War II v3 1941’).

    The tournament will be single elimination. At the start of the tournament, players will be assigned random positions in the bracket. All games will be 1v1.

    The remaining player wins the tournament and all its glory.

    Game location
    All games are played using TripleA, so other players can view the tournament’s games. Games may be played via PBF (play by forum), PBEM (play by email) and/or live play.

    The standings are available in an online spreadsheet (link to Challonge follows).

    Posting results
    The losing player is responsible for posting results in the tournament result thread (link to forum thread follows). This way it’s certain the losing player agrees with the game result. The winner may post the result when the game result was due to time limits.

    Post the names of the winner and loser, the sides each player played, the value of the bid, and provide a link to the game thread (or attach the latest savegame). For example, if the bid was 10 IPCs to the Allies:
    • Amy (Axis) defeats Boris (Allies + 10)
    where “10” was the value of the bid.

    Game rules
    The basic rule-set is the official ruleset with errata.

    The following settings are default:
    • Regular dice (as opposed to low luck)
    • No Research & Development
    • No National Objectives
    • Dardanelles closed to sea movement
    • Fighters & Escorts are allowed
    • Play until one player surrenders
    • Bid to determine sides (see following section on Bidding).

    Any default settings, whether it concerns rules, bidding or time-limits, may be modified by mutual agreement of the involved players.

    At the start of the tournament, each player is assigned a random number (‘seed’). At the start of a game, the player with the lowest seed begins the bidding process by offering to play a side for a certain amount of IPCs. The other player either accepts this bid or offer a lower counter-bid. The process ends when one player has accepted the other player’s bid, or when the bid has reached value of 0.

    Default settings for bidding:
    • A bid may be used to increase any nation’s starting money and/or purchase bid-units.
    • Only one bid-unit may be placed in a territory or sea zone.
    • The nation placing a bid-unit must have started with at least 1 unit in the territory or sea zone prior to placing the bid.
    • China is limited to bid-units of infantry and fighters.

    Posting schedule
    There is a 72-hour time-limit per move. Players may negotiate a faster pace (not slower) at the start of the game. Such an agreement has to be posted in the game thread before the 1st turn is played.

    If 72 hours go by and there is no game-play post from the opponent (i.e., no game decision was made), a player may post a warning (“bump”) along with the tagged opponent’s name and the number of the bump.
    • @NN bump#1

    Do not add any other text than the bump and the opponent’s name in your warning post. Each valid warning resets the clock for another 72 h. The second, third and fourth warning look like this:
    • @NN bump#2
    • @NN bump#3
    • @NN bump#4

    The offending player may be disqualified on the 4th warning, resulting in their loss.

    Play can be paused for a total of 21 days without penalty by simply posting the need for a break. The duration of absence needs to be specified, the reason does not.

    Once a new game has started, the player that ought to make the first bid has 2 weeks to do so. If not, they may be disqualified, resulting in a loss.

    The purpose is to reduce the number of game stoppages for opponent decisions (e.g., their order of losses). Because you are assuming a decision for your opponent, the opponent must always be given the benefit of the doubt and arbiters will always decide in this manner.

    When making an assumption, there’s a risk that the opponent will disagree after seeing the turn. If there is an issue with assumption, the players should try and come to an agreement about how to handle it.

    If there’s no agreement, then the defender can demand that the entire concerned battle(s) will be re-rolled.

    Alternatively, either player may request an arbiter ruling.

    Order of play
    From the rule book: Axis & Allies is played in rounds. One round consists of each power taking a turn. Each power’s turn consists of seven phases, which take place in a fixed sequence. After each power finishes a turn, play then passes to the next power. So: a player may only go back to previous phases or turns of the game and make changes with permission from their opponent.

    Player’s responsibility
    TripleA does not always apply the rules in a correct manner. It is primarily the players’ responsibility to keep themselves informed of the rules and apply them in a correct manner. The arbiters are mainly at hand for help and support.

    If a player sees that a new game has started (visible in the online Results spreadsheet (link follows)), contact the opponent to discuss the optional settings and the bidding process.

  • @ozymandiac said in 1 vs 1 tournament: A&A Anniversary 1941: Rules:

    Game rules
    The basic rule-set is the official ruleset with errata.

    The FAQ document you point to is outdated (March 2009).

    The latest one is from September 2014. Find it here:

  • @panther Thanks! We will use that of course, then.

  • I am interested in joining. I play on a MacBook Pro and am not able to post directly to the forum.
    Let me know if there is spec for me to join.

  • @iron_stitch Hi, that shouldn’t be a problem. I am sure people are OK with playing via Email.

  • Sounds awesome! I would like to be included!

  • @victoryfirst The more the merrier!

  • @ozymandiac

    Well, I can still post on the forum, but I cannot automatically do from Triple A. The only issue really is that my opponents will not get the summary and statistics to their email.

  • 2024 2023 '22 '19 '18

    I’d like to play.

  • @crockett36 Welcome! We’ll start next week.

  • And we’re off!

    The bracket is located over here.

    Post game results over here.

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