• What if some of the most successful generals of World War 2 were brought back to life and were given a game of Axis And Allies to play? For example, how could Eisenhower have done in Axis And Allies Europe 1940 playing the Americans?

    Please give me thoughts on how certain World War 2 generals would have done playing the game.

  • @superbattleshipyamato In my WW2 general match up I want Fedor Von Bock as Germany, Yamashita as Japan, Claude Auchinleck as Great Britain, Ivan Konev as USSR and Mac Arthur as US.

    Bock and Mac Arthur would make fantastic table talk.

  • @abworsham4

    I didn’t expect you to choose who you chose for each power. I never rated MacArthur as the best US general (that goes to Patton, although he may have been too junior of a commander for this), Von Bock was never the best German general in my opinion (although Manstein and especially Rommel could also have been too junior), I’d pick Montgomery for the British any day, and Ozawa for the Japanese (but again, he could have been too junior, but the Japanese didn’t really give a lot of good strategic commanders). Konev’s a great general of course, but it should have been Zhukov.

    Anyways, using your group, who would have won?

    I realised it would have been interesting to have Halder and Hitler do Germany on the Eastern Front, due to the fact that they argued like crazy in real life over attacking Moscow. With Moscow’s enormous value in the game, would even Hitler agree to do this?

  • @superbattleshipyamato I chose my matchup by personalities I would like to see play a board game together. My matchup would be entertaining.

  • @abworsham4

    Awesome! So again, who do you think will win?

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