Fortified lines being flanked and how for the defender to respond.

  • So here is the situation.

    USSR has stacks on both Leningrad and Karelia. They wish to invade Karjala.

    Karjala is fortified against Leningrad but NOT Karelia.

    If both stacks attack at once. how does the defender respond? Leningrad is going against a wall which the defender rolls better but not Karelia. So when the Fins roll for defense, each units cannot be rolling at fortified defense and not fort defense at the same time. So what do we do?

    I made the assumption that the units going against the fort have to take the loses first.

  • @caesar-seriona I believe this was covered a while ago but here is is again.
    As far as I can remember, forts active against all units as long as one attacker attacks across the fort. This even includes a plane flying over.
    There is no distinction, so just don’t attack across a fort.

  • Remember that the fortification is not simply « a wall » but « a major defensive network » (Rule 12.7).

    It does affect units that attack « across that border », so you can circumvent it, but if even one unit attacks from the fortified border, then all land units will defend at +2 for the first round, as there is no other way to play the combat round.

    However, you could argue that the two first strikes at 5 from the fortification itself should only hit units that actually crossed the fortified border…

    As @Caesar-Seriona pointed out : just don’t do it. If you have enough units in place to attack from the unfortified border, then you should only send these into combat.

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