• hows it going everyone.  im tired of buying mostly inft with the ussr.  even though the ussr is mostly defeanseive.  i purpose this buy.
    2 armor= 10 ipc
    2 art=  8 ipc
    2 inft= 6 ipc
    total ipc = 24

    this will give you a good defeanse, with a strong counter attack.  do this in conjuction with the western russia tactic.

  • If you want more flexibility with Russia go 3 INF, 1 ARM, 1 FIG.

    Gives you counter-attack capability with an augmented USSR air force, and more flexibility to be able to use your “high power” units on either the Eastern or Western fronts as needed without giving up any defensive strength in your core territories, since the FIGs fly home to defend after they attack.

    FIGs in Moscow can be used to provide a lot of punch to a Russian offensive in Yakut, Sinkiang, Persia, Ukraine, Belo and Karelia.  One turn they can hammer Japan’s incurssion into Sinkiang, the next they can be used to help liberate Karelia.  FIGs, backed up by a few ARM and lots of INF, allows Russia to remain an offensive threat while defensively secure.

  • thats true.  but if you buy the posted abouve, you can have a really good threat. yet i do agree figs can do a lot.  however i rather focus on germany, and have them turtle ASAP then, have them dominated by the USA.  then u can focuse all your forces against japan, instead of a few.

  • 2 inf 2 art 2 tank is the classic buy for the Ukraine/West Russia attack.

    You hit West Russia and the Ukraine.  You will lose the Ukraine to the German counterattack for sure, but if you put 2 inf 2 art in Caucasus and 2 tanks in Moscow, you can counterattack Ukraine with the West Russia stack, the Caucasus units, and the Moscow tanks.  Now - if Germany attacks Ukraine lightly, you can retake the Ukraine with a few infantry and a fighter.  if Germany attacks Ukraine heavy, you can smash the Ukraine.

    Germany can re-counter with a pure tank build, but that is not sound long-term strategy.

    Germany can also counter by attacking heavily into Karelia - at which point the Ukraine stack hits and runs Eastern Europe and Balkans with infantry and fighters, and the Ukraine stack moves to West Russia (reinforced by units from Moscow), at which point the game transposes to the usual West Russia / Eastern Europe game.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I’d actually go 3 tanks, 3 infantry.  3 Tanks in Russia, 3 Infantry in Caucasus.  Gives you vastly stronger attack/defense then just infantry alone would.

    I’d rather not see more tanks then infantry.  Personally, I think a ratio of 1.4 infantry to 1 armor is about as low a ratio as you should have to allow yourself sufficient cannon fodder.

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