• Can you scramble fighters into a territory that your opponent is blitzing into? I believe scrambling has to occur at the end of the combat movement phase, before combat, and blitzing occurs after the combat movement phase, after combat.

  • @adalwolf I think as long as they haven’t been scrambled already for a different battle. Did you see that thread a while ago where they were talking about you can’t intercept a bombing run and fight a combat battle in the same turn? Same concept would apply I’m sure

  • @linkler I don’t think you can scramble into a territory where there is a blitz occurring because you would need to designate your scramble moves after the combat movement phase, before combat.

    If your playing this different, please state in the rules how your able to scramble during a blitz move.

    This is a critical question because it usually involves blitzing around Paris.


  • It’s correct that scramble is declared at the end of the Attacker’s Combat Movement (Rule 8.6).

    Since you do not always declare blitzes in advance, then it could be argued that if the Defending fighters have not taken part in the first battle or used for interception, they should have the option to scramble into the second territory even if the rules do not say so.

    Another view would be that since blitzing is essentially taking the enemy by surprise by rapidly pushing fast-moving armored forces into a second territory, the Defender does not have the luxury of scrambling.

    Note, however, that in many cases, you will also have non-blitzing Attacking units taking part in the second battle, so in that case, the Defender should also declare scrambles at the end of the end Attacker’s Combat Movement, as per the rules.

  • FAQ is posted on HBGs website to officially answer this question.

  • @adalwolf and what does the FAQ say?

  • @theveteran

    Q: Can Defender scramble into a land zone attacked in a blitz?

    A: Yes. If the planes have not participated in any other combat this turn.
    The reason the rules in 8.6 specify that it happens after the Attackers combat movement is that an Attacker can not demand the Defender to specify if he wants to scramble or not in the middle of the Attacker’s turn (e.g. “this is my first combat move: Do you want to scramble?”). The Defender has the choice if/where he wants to scramble, when he knows all his opponent’s combat moves. As the Attacker is not required to specify any blitzing move before it takes place, it is up to the Defender if he wants to risk waiting or not.

  • @adalwolf sweet, thanks - sounds good 👍

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