Advice on best Aircraft stands and Carrier modification, with parts lists

  • Hey everyone,
    On youtube, and on this forum I have seen so many part customizations for A&A global. I am more interested in “functional” customizations than ones that I consider cosmetic. So far, the only customizations I have invested in include the excellent 3-D printed unit organizer trays available from [](link url)
    I am strongly considering investing in aircraft stands and/or magnetic mods for aircraft carriers. I consider these to be “functional” modifications because these changes allow aircraft to fit better in small territories or crowded territories/spaces.

    I know there are multiple options for aircraft stands and for carrier modifications. I was just looking for advice on what works best.
    Is it better to use the pre-fab plastic flight stands that the planes rest on/balance on, or is it better to drill tiny holes in each fighter and use peg-based flight stands? I have dabbled in hobby painting and modification before (not for A&A peices), but I am a little worried that if I attempt to drill holes in fighters that I may crack the unit in half.

    Likewise, with aircraft carriers, I’ve seen people drill holes and embed small magnets. I have also seen people use magnetic paint on the flight deck, or use a flat “refrigerator style” magnet cut glued to the flight deck.

    Just wondering what works best, and if anyone could point me at an actual “part list” where I can just order the necessary parts and then perform the mods myself. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a “mail away” modding service that will install the mods for a fee, that would be helpful as well.

  • @greyleaf3

    Hi greyleaf,

    We have great succes using magnetic tape. Add the tape to the entire carrier deck - and add a tiny piece of tape under each air unit.

    It works perfect.

    You can see some pictures at the Global 1943 House Rules Expansion - in The Captain’s Global 1940 House Rules Collection.

    Aircraft stands; we’ve made them in 3 different heights - for Strategic Bombers, Tactical Bombers and Fighters.

    We started with all in the same height - but it then it was still overcrowded in the air above the game board.

    So various heights workes best.

    Hope you can use the information.

  • @greyleaf3 I know this is an older post but I wanted to tell you about my solution. I made flight stands and aircraft carrier stands out of clear acrylic rod. I attached 3 mm x 1 mm magnets on the tops of the rod. My aircraft have dots of magnetic paint on the bottom. This means I don’t have to worry about the polarity of the magnets and I do not have to drill holes in my planes. The bottom of my flight stands are clear shallow reflectors from a certain Danish toy brick builder.

    My planes on the aircraft carriers appear to be flying because of the clear rods sticking up through the carrier. The rods fit easily in between the wheels on the tactical bombers. Drilling all the way through the carrier was the easiest way to build these. I used a small sticker to cover the bottom, followed by glue in the hole and then sticking the acrylic rod. The depth of the hole helped keep the rod vertical. After drying, I took the sticker off and sanded the bottom of the piece.

    I am unfamiliar uploading pictures, so you may have to zoom in to see the flight stands and carriers.


  • @dictatorcj Looks Way Sweet :+1:

  • Customizer

    @barnee I have found the metal flight stands from HBG work really well, and are worth their price. They are heavy ( for flight stands) so they don’t tip over as easy. I added magnets to my planes and they just snap right into place so I don’t have to fiddle with trying to line everything up. I also can recommend embedding magnets in your carriers enough, no more planes falling off your carriers! Combat Miniatures make some great flight deck stickers that will hide the magnets as well.

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    Hi @fastheinz,

    Could you post some pictures of your Carriers etc. ?

    Also, you can see how we have made the Aircraft Carriers magnetic - as well as all Fighter, Jetfighter (Me 262) and Tactical Bombers are magnetic too.

    We use magnetic tape (from Cool Stuff Company -or any other supply store) and then paint when it is attached to the Carrier Deck

    Our pictures are available at the House Rules section - under The Captain’s Global 1940 House Rules Collection - Global 1940 & 1943 Game Report Thread.

  • @the-captain ya sure, I used the little 1/8th maybe they were smaller puck magnets, drilled into the carriers till they were flush and then put the combat miniatures deck skin over them.

    PXL_20220812_014948354.jpg PXL_20220812_014855034.jpg PXL_20220812_014929954.jpg

  • @fastheinz


    Are the Japanese roundels on the Air Units painted - or from a transfer sheet…?

  • @the-captain they are water slide decals.

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