How long is rev edition to play for everyone?

  • First time poster. Just picked up a&a rev edition and played it twice. It takes 6-8 hours to play a game. Just curious if that is about what everyone plays for. And curious if maybe there is someway to speed the game up. It is a great game and that is the only downside to it.

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    Depends on your Victory Conditions…

    8 VC’s can be over in a half hour (has been done in my play experience)
    10 VC’s usually takes 6-8 Hours (Depends on the Player)
    12 VC’s usually takes the Weekend

    Play with 9 VC’s it can be played in 3 Hours…


  • Thx for responding. We usually do 10. I figured if the VC was 8, then the axis would go for India and Leningrad for a quick and easy win.

    Do the special abilities, 6 for each county, at the back of the instructions help speed up the game much? I figured they main reason was to spice up the game so it does not get boring. It seems like the USA has the best abilities with B-29 and mechanized infantry, while Jap kinda gets the short end of the stick. Maybe I’m wrong though.

  • I played a ten VC game that went about 7 hours. 8 VCs is too quick. I read on the Smorey Swamp website where they do 9 VCs but that is for the tournies they run which are 4 hour time limits. I personally would like a ten VC game to be done in about 4 hours by some other rules than play faster.
    But my games have been going min 6 hours on 10 VCs.

  • 9 VC is really all you need to play for.  The game is over at that point.

    For the axis, it means capturing and holding thorugh the US’s turn one of the Allied capitals after the first turn (so the quick London strike on G1 can’t win them the game, they have to also have 2 other VC’s).  In general it means Moscow, Karelia and India.  And if the Axis has all 3 of those, and has lost none of their starting VC’s, then they have indeed won.  UK and USA are in a long slow bleed to being defeated with the axis collecting about 40% more income per turn.

    For the Allies, it means some comination of 3 of the 4 weaker cities, or 2 plus a capital.  If an Axis capital falls, and the Allies have lost no VC’s, the Axis may as well surrender right then.  If the Allies have pushed Japan back so far that both Phillipines and Kwang are taken, and either Southern or Western are also taken, and India and Karelia are still Allied control, again the Axis can jsut hang it up… they have lost as the Axis has no income.

    Remember… the determinationm is made at the end of a full game turn… after the US goes.

  • My friends and I try to play 10 but switch is right after 9 it is over.  The last game we played out the final VC and added like 3 to 4 hours torture for the UK and US.  9 is all you need.

  • @ncscswitch:

    9 VC is really all you need to play for.  The game is over at that point.

    Not always…I was playing as the Allies once, and after three consecutive battles in Moscow (Germany, Japan, then Germany again), Russia finally fell, giving the Axis 9 VCs.

    Germany had taken Moscow, only to see Britain (me) land in France in force on Britains turn. Germany could still eliminate the landing, but it was going to be a major hassle.

    Japan could see an American fleet headed his way, but had long since lost his entire fleet to American/Russian air attacks. He was relying mostly on his mainland ICs, using Japan to build air force.

    America managed to get enough force in to take Japan, despite losing most of his airforce and almost all of his ground troops…but with no navy, Japan was never going to be able to collect income or build units ever again…unless a German fleet came over to take back a built-up American Japan. (Wasn’t going to happen, too much British airpower)

    So while Russia fell, on that same round, the Axis conceded. It is VERY rare, but it IS possible for the Allies to win even if Russia falls.

    Of course, we were damn lucky… :-D

  • But that was not 9 VC as counted for game victory.

    Sure, the Axis REACHED 9 VC at the end of G’s turn, but then lost a VC to UK in the same turn, then a capital VC to the US in the same turn.

    Since VC’s are counted at the end of the turn, that was only 7 VC’s axis, with the capital los being critical.

    You count the VC’s after US’s turn.  And, if at that time, the Axis have 9, you might as well hang it up because it means that they totally control Europe and Asia, and Germany gets to build again (probably with $45 or more since they hold all their starting VC’s plus at least Leningrad).  So even if the Allies are poised to strike, Germany gets to reconfigure, redeploy, and place lots of new units before the Allies get another swipe at the Axis

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