Can railroad, fortifications, and coastal artillery be built in friendly territory?

  • For most minor facilities, they are allowed to be built anywhere, but there are restrictions on medium and major facilities. Can railroad, fortifications, and coastal artillery be built anywhere?

    First, I think facilities in general should only be allowed to be built in friendly land zones (otherwise the Allies could help with the defense of USSR via fortifications).

    My second question is about the Commonwealth. Is the Commonwealth restricted to building facilities in only the territories that have their roundel? For example, could Great Britain pay 5/5 to build a fortification in Sydney, or must ANZAC bear the cost?

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast interesting haven’t thought about that angle before but I’m pretty sure only building that’s allowed is in your own territory. 2nd question definitely Anzac has to pay (otherwise why would GB not be allowed to LL to them?)

  • @linkler Good point! Ok, that’s helpful!

  • Rule 7.9 restricts lend-lease to either IPP or military units. You cannot lead-lease a fortification or other facility.

    Plus, all Commonwealth NRS specify that that GB-FAC-ANZAC cannot lead-lease to each other.

    While I did not find a rule that states that you can only build facilites in a territory that you possess (as opposed to a friendly territory), this seems fairly obivous.

  • The only facility that is buildable on your allies territory is the rail line because it’s the only facility that is built on a territory line instead of the territory itself.

    Example: I know a rail line exist but for the sake of argument.

    Lets say UK wanted to build a rail line between Jordan and Syria. You would build it on the Jordan-Syrian line however because Syria is French, you need France’s permission to do this.

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