• Hello guys, I have a question to clarify the Iraq alignment condition.

    Here is the situation in our game: German player took Transcaucasia during his combat phase. So at the end of the combat phase, Turkey aligns with Germany. My question is: as a turkish militia, now a german one, is adjacent to Iraq at the end of the combat phase, does Iraq align with Germany? Or when Turkey aligns, it kinda “close” the combat phase so when you receive the troops, it is the non combat phase?

    To sum up, if I take Transcaucasia, do Iraq and Turkey align with me at the end of my combat phase?

    Thank you all!

  • I would say yes they should align to Germany at the end of that same combat phase. It fits the Iraq alignment conditions since there is a German land unit in a land zone adjacent to Iraq.

  • @jbuckbuddy Agreed. Same with Iran and Iraq, or other such.
    This just shows how important Transcaucasia is.

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