Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Reports

  • @barnee

    Exactly! The same applies to all other nations that can build paratroopers!

  • Start of Early 1943, things are looking really bad for the Axis. Allied navies entered the Med. On top of that, during the Soviet turn of Early 1943 (no picture yet) the Soviet sub killed an Italian blocker. That means Rome is invadable, but I am not sure if the Americans have enough stuff to take it.

    In the Pacific, the Japanese consolidated around the Philippines blocked the way into SZ 6, took most of the Strategic Important Islands as well as Malaya. On the Allied player’s turns, they killed the Japanese blockers and took most of the Important Islands back (as well as Malaya and Kwangtung). The Axis reached their peak in Late 1942, having 180 income together (including Bonus Income), while the Allies only had 185. They were just 16 away of 148 for an Axis Victory at the end of the Japanese turn, but the Allies did a good job and dropped the total number down to 150 (with Bonus Income again). DSC00516.JPG

  • Situation on the Eastern Front in Early 1943, after Soviet turn. The Soviets attacked Bryansk with a tank army and an infantry, in order to destroy the German units and then retreat to Moscow again. But they accidentally took the territory, which meant the Russians needed to stack Bryansk as much as possible, otherwise the Tank Army would be destroyed by the German counter-attack. They were just not able to hold AND Archangel AND Bryansk, so they moved their Armies from Archangel to Bryansk, stacked up Smolensk and stacked up Bryansk. This way, they hope to hold on to forward positions as best as possible, although they had to give up Archangel (which gave the Russian player five bonus income every time). The Soviets are feeling the German pressure and a lot of destroyed German Armies are coming to reinforce the Eastern Front, including Waffen and Panzer Grenadier units.


  • @victoryfirst

    Noooo! I guess that means if you’re playong by yourself you’re not willing to make “creative movements” in favour of the Axis. I almost don’t want you to post more. It’ so sad for the Axis. Almost.

    Anyways, great reports! I look forward to more reports (which hopefully are nicer to the Axis).

  • Early 1943, Japanese turn, the Axis capitulate. The Japanese tried to crack Yunnan and really could do so with all their airpower. But they had to do other important stuff as well like destroying some transports and units in sz’s that had to be blocked. Each time the Japanese had to send one aircraft that could reach Yunnan on another mission. Eventually, the attack against Yunnan wasn’t that strong. It could be made stronger because I overlooked some subs that could reach the Malayan sea, which could free up other ships that attacked the fleet there, which could free up aircraft that could reach Yunnan. But that didn’t happen so the attack failed, China is about to get liberated, and sz 6 is going to get attacked with ships from Hawaii, and airpower from the Carolines. Then, the allies could non-combat their fleets to sz 6 and blockade Japan. then Japan would be doomed.
    This is the final situation:

    DSC00522.JPG DSC00523.JPG DSC00524.JPG

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    There really needs to be some Axis victories on this topic. You should have had the Allies invade Columbia and only that territory. This will allow a massive infantry boost for the Axis. This won’t save Japan though. Thank you for the report! It’s always nice reading these.

  • @The-Captain

    Game report from Holland,

    Just played my second game with the global expansion house rules.
    this brings the game absolutly to another level!

    First off all i made a lot of markers, and painted all the special units with his own special color.

    for example,

    all waffen units with the color red.

    all elite infantry with the color green.

    axis.jpg axis and allies.jpg axis and a.jpg

    Unfortunalty Germany lost his army by a mistake in Russia so the Allies won the game in round 12.

    So next time Germany will gain a victory.
    You can only learn from you’re mistakes;)

    So to every Axis and Allies fan i say this,

    If you are looking for a great and cheap way to improve you’re game massive.

    Go for the Global House Rules collection!!!

  • 2023 '22


    Germany died again-I guess that’s just life. Hopefully Japan fares better.

    I’m interested in close up photos of your special unit pieces.

  • @cornelis-post

    Hi Cornelis,

    We look forward to many more Game Reports from you.


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    Global 1940, No. 2 Game Report:

    This Global 1940 Game Report includes the use of the complete Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    The Capital Defense rule is included - but did not see action during this game.

    This Global 1940 two-player game ended Monday, 3rd January. Here is a brief situation report:

    Axis: The Captain
    Allies: Butch Cassidy

    Early 1940:
    Germany follows the Battle of the Atlantic Strategic Plan.

    Waffen-SS Infantry & Waffen-SS Artillery units are produced in Berlin - and take part in the Battle of France.
    France, Normandy, Southern France, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria & Finland are all captured by or join Germany.

    UK naval units in sz 111 & sz 106 are eliminated by U-Boats and Luftwaffe units.

    Germany produces 5 U-Boat units - and places them in sz 112 - together with the German Baltic Fleet. These naval units are protected by German air units in Western Germany.

    Soviet Union:
    The Soviets produce a mix of Paratroopers, Commissar & Infantry units and re-organize their troops.

    The Japanese Strategic Plan is to capture the vital islands in the Pacific.
    A massive build up of Transports, Infantry & Artillery begins.

    The Japanese forces in Asia, attack China - with no regard to losses in men & materiel. All of China must be captured - fast.

    United States:
    The Strategic Plan is to Kill Germany First.

    All US production is directed towards this strategy. No production goes to the Pacific.

    No counter attacks are launched against the Japanese invaders. All surviving troops are withdrawn to the West.

    United Kingdom:
    The United Kingdom Strategy is to support the United States in the Kill Germany First strategy.

    Surviving naval units from sz 110 withdraw into the Med. and link up with the UK Med. Fleet.

    UK naval & air units attack & destroy the Italian naval units in sz 96.

    Most production goes to London and Africa. Only a few units are produced in India.

    The French naval units in sz 93 are destroyed.

    Succesfull attacks are launched in North Africa & Greece.

    The surviving Italian naval units are stationed in sz 97 - protected by air units from Rome.

    Italy builds up for a major offensive in North Africa, producing Landing Crafts and Paratroopers.

    The ANSAC Navy & Army secures Java & Dutch New Guinea - boosting their economy.

    Preparations are made for further expansion in the Southern Pacific.

    The surviving French units make a few Non-Combat Movements.

    Late 1940 & Early 1941:
    Continues to mass produce U-Boats for the Battle of the Atlantic - which is now totally dominated by the German Kriegsmarine. The Med. is also cleared from Allied naval units, in a combined effort by the Luftwaffe & Kriegsmarine.

    Gradually, preparations are made for an invasion of the Soviet Union.

    Soviet Union:
    Prepares for the Axis invasion - but since Germany & Italy have both Paratrooper units as well as Landing Crafts placed in Romania, Bulgaria & Greece - it is impossible to defend the entire Eastern Front.

    The last preparations are made for a Massive Amphibious Offensive in the Pacific.

    Japan only waits for the United States to declare War - in order to avoid the US National Guard to be activated.

    Simualtaneously, the Japanese troops in China prepare for the Final Assault against the last Chinese defensive position in Sikang.

    United States:
    The United States strategy Kill Germany First did not take the Massive German U-Boat Production into account.

    Even so, the USA declares War on the Axis in Early 1941 - and prepares to launch Search & Destroy missions in the Atlantic against the mass of German U-Boats, that are spread out all across the Atlantic.

    The destruction of the last Chinese units by the Imperial Japanese Army is now inevitable.

    United Kingdom:
    A few amphibious assaults against German controlled Europe are launched - using Landing Crafts - supported by a few Paratrooper units.

    Africa is strengthened with units from the factory in South Africa.

    The Med. & North Africa is under Italian control (Egypt is controlled by UK).

    An invasion is succesfully launched against the Soviet Union - in Caucasus - with Landing Crafts, Tank & Infantry units from Greece.

    With no support from US units, ANZAC strengthens the defense of the gained islands in the Southern Pacific.

    Late 1941:
    The offensive against Russia is launched on the entire Eastern Front - from Finland in the North to Rostov in the South.

    Landing Crafts, Panzer, Infantry & Paratrooper units from Greece, Bulgaria & Romania succesfully attack into Ukraine & Rostov.

    The build up of U-Boats continues in the Atlantic.
    With no losses of any Luftwaffe units yet, the German Kriegsmarine & Luftwaffe units make an Allied offensive in the Atlantic impossible.

    Soviet Union:
    A counter attack is succesfully launched against German troops in Karelia. Soviet troops now threaten Finland.

    Caucasus, Rostov & Ukraine are re-captured by the Soviets - but with heavy Soviet casualties.

    Soviet troops from the Far East are moved to the Eastern Front by Rail.

    USSR & Japan are not at War - and by now the Soviet-Japanese Non-Agression Pact is active.

    Massive offensive operations are launched against Philippines, Malaya, Kwangtung, Java, New Guinea & Dutch New Guinea.

    The last Chinese units are destroyed - and Japanese troops now stand at the borders to the Soviet Union.

    The offensive against Philippines fails - with huge losses for the Japanese.

    Preparations are made for a renewed Philippine offensive.

    United States:
    The US naval task force in the Atlantic is strengthened with Destroyers & Heavy Battleships.
    The fight against the German U-Boats continues.

    No other offensive operations are launched.

    In the Pacific, the US Navy links up with UK & ANZAC naval units in sz 26.

    United Kingdom:
    UK troops fight against Italian & German unkits in the Middle East, North Africa & Western Europe.

    An invasion with Landing Crafts, Commandos, Artillery & Paratroopers is succesfully launched against Norway.

    Attacks are succesfully launched against UK troops in the Iraq & North Africa.

    The economy is suffering due to Japanese offensive operations against the islands in the Pacific.
    Production is at a low capacity.

    Early 1942 to Late 1944:
    The German War effort is mainly focused on the Eastern Front, with only few U-Boat units produced for the Battle of the Atlantic.

    In Late 1943 Germany takes over Italy.

    In Late 1943, Early 1944 & Late 1944, Germany mass produces Panzer, Mechanized Infantry & Me262 Jet Fighter units.

    In Late 1944 the Eastern Front is totally dominated by German forces, with Army Group North & Army Group Center linked up in Smolensk, Army Group South in Bryansk - and several other Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht units surrounding Moscow.

    US & UK landings take place in Normandy, Holland & Norway.

    All invasion areas are re-captured by German Panzer & Infantry units, with heavy losses on both sides.

    By Early 1944, the combined Axis economy is close to an Economic Victory.

    Soviet Union:
    The Soviets prepare for a Last Stand in Moscow. Completely surrounded by German & Japanese forces, it is only a matter of time before the Soviet Capital will fall.

    A Soviet Army Group with 2 Soviet Tank Armies is the backbone of the Soviet defense in Moscow.

    Iraq is still Soviet occupied by 2 Soviet Paratrooper units. But by now only Moscow and Iraq are Soviet controlled.

    In Late 1942, Japan declares War on Russia - and launches massive attacks in the Far East - and across the Soviet-Chinese borders.

    From Late 1943 the Japanese have eliminated all Allied strongholds in the Southern Pacific.

    Alaska is also captured by 6 Tank & 6 Artillery units.

    In Asia, the Japanese have either eliminated or pushed back all Allied units - and are now pursuing the retreating UK units from India - Western India is now in the frontline.

    A massive build up of the Imperial Japanese Navy aims to take out all Allied naval units in the Pacific.

    United States:
    The US naval task force in the Atlantic destroy the last naval units of the German Kriegsmarine in a naval battle in sz 110.

    Losses are heavy on both sides, but the US naval task force survives with 2 damaged Heavy Battleship units, a few Destroyer units - and most importantly - all Transports.

    A massive invasion is succesfully launched against Holland in Late 1944.

    In the Pacific, all surviving US naval units are withdrawn to sz 10 for a Last Stand against the enormous Imperial Japanese Navy.

    Due to the loss of Alaska & Philippines - the US economy is inferior to that of Japan.

    In Early 1945 the last US islands - Hawaii, Midway, Guam, Wake and Aleutian will fall to the Japanese - and the US Pacific Fleet will be eliminated by superior Japanese air & naval forces.

    In Late 1944, the “bridge” of US Transports in the Atlantic is broken - meaning that only a few or none reinforcements will reach Europe from Eastern USA.

    United Kingdom:
    After demolishing the Underground Factory in India in Early 1944, the UK troops in Asia have been retreating from the Japanese troops.

    UK troops prepare for a Last Stand in the Middle East, in Late 1944 and Early 1945.

    In Europe, UK units are shipped to Holland, to support the US troops against an anticipated German counter attack.

    The UK economy is crumbling due to the loss of vital areas in the Pacific Theatre.

    With only a few land & air units left, ANZAC is in no position to threaten the Japanese.

    Early 1945:
    Germany succesfully launches massive counter attacks against Allied controlled Normandy & Holland.

    These German counter attacks are strong enough to withstand any Allied counter attacks

    German reinforcements on the Eastern Front reach their destinations - and prepare for a massive assault on the Soviet Capital, Moscow.

    The offensive on Moscow is planned to be launched in Late 1945.

    By that time, the Soviets will be outnumbered 3 to 1.

    Preparations are made for a renewed German offensive against Allied controlled Africa.

    The End:
    With a combined German-Japanese IPC level at 175 IPC, the Axis have already surpassed the 148 IPC required for an Economic Victory.

    Without any prospect of a decisive military breakthrough - and facing an overwhelming number of enemy forces, the Allies have no option but to surrender.

    The Axis Economic Victory occurs in Early 1945.

    These pictures show the military & economic situation in Early 1945.


  • @the-captain nice Game Report Captain. These compliment the strategy guide nicely. If any of your other members want to post some, that’d be way cool. :)

    Did the soviets get any lend lease ?

  • @the-captain

    Finally the Axis won! I can’t believe it! I was crying when I found out the Axis finally won! You’re really good at this game.

  • @barnee

    Thanks barnee:+1:

    The Soviets only received 3 Fighter units from United Kingdom as part of the Lend-Lease program.

    The United States did not get their 3 Tank units to USSR, due to the Japanese domination of the Pacific.

    Also, when the USA finally was ready to send the Lend-Lease Tank units to Soviet Far East, Japan kicked in the door in Siberia - and cut off the Rail Movement Capacity for the Soviets.

    So, the 3 US Tank units stranded in Western USA - and were later used in small scale attacks in the Pacific.

    United Kingdom could have sent 3 Tank units to USSR - but did not have the capacity when they were most needed.

  • 2023 '22


    I wonder why this is never attempted (at least from reports): It doesn’t seem like the new rules change the politcal situation of the Persian territories. So why can’t the British just built tanks in India and move them to Kazakhstan, two turns away? They’re only two territories away from Rostov, so the Soviets won’t need to use strategic rail movement capacity to move them to the front line.

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    It’s Early 1947 and the War Rages on lol

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 02-02-22.png

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 02-02-48.png

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 02-03-26.png

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 02-03-58.png

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    @barnee Western Allies finally getting some good pressure on Germany.

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 03-43-36.png

    Russia barely hanging on. About to lose contain.

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 03-44-43.png

    The USA and JPN finally got it on. After trading the Philippines, the status quo remains. ANZAC continues to be a thorn in DEI.

    Screenshot from 2022-01-15 03-57-46.png

  • @barnee

    This looks awesome! I hope the Axis win!

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18

    The Axis Closing the Ring

    Screenshot from 2022-01-25 21-53-22.png

  • @barnee


  • @barnee

    Maybe give me a “photo” of how you think the German and Japanese soldiers felt seeing each other on the Volgograd Kazakhstan border.

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