Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Reports

  • @the-captain

    Oh god, this sucks for the Axis.

    The second I read you were the Allies I knew the Axis were done for.

    You really are the undefeated champion for these house rules.

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    @VictoryFirst and I have completed the first round of our 2nd game of @The-Captain and Company’s Awesome Mod.

    Victory is the Bad Guys and I’m the Good Guys this time, well, except for the commies lol

    We are using the New @Black_Elk Mega Map

    G started with a Heavy Uboat Buy and Killed and Conquered Large Amounts of frenchmen in France, Normandy and S France.

    They also Conquered the Non Belligerents of Yugoslavia.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-29-51.png

    The godless communists were quite alarmed by the German Aggression and responded by Activating all of there Paratroopers and moving there controlled mongol troops east as well as Forming 1st commiesar Corps. Intelligence believes it will Command a Tank Corps.

    more to follow …

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-34-06.png

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    Tojo and the Militarist’s in Japan continue there war of Aggression against china.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-42-17.png

    Uncle Sam, alarmed by the German Naval presence in the Atlantic, belatedly begins to rearm it’s Navy.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-46-35.png

    china, using it’s vast power of human resources and disregard for human life, successfully counterattacks in yunnan.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-49-47.png

  • @barnee

    What happened to that map?

    Cool photos, by the way. Love how you used “Bad Guys” and “Good Guys”.

  • 2023 '22 '21 '20 '19 '18

    The United Kingdom and it’s Empire struggle to counter the fascist aggression. With some foresight, Naval Bases in Hong Kong and Singapore are destroyed.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-55-30.png

    Commonwealth Ally S Africa produces 3 Tank Divisions while the Commanders in Egypt successfully move to Ethiopia to neutralize the Italian Forces there.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 21-58-50.png

    An Aggressive move by Admiral Cunningham in the Mediterranean inflicted Heavy Losses on the Regia Marina.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 22-37-39.png

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    Australian and New Zealand Forces Make some conservative non combat moves and buys as well as france.

    Screenshot from 2023-04-13 22-39-50.png

    SITREP July 1st 1941
    Admiral Raeder has the fuhrer’s ear. U-boat construction continues at an accelerated rate. England is now feeling the economic affects of U-boat convoy raiding.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 20-20-39.png

    The Wehrmacht has begun Forming Panzer Armies in preparation for an Attack on the soviet union.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 20-24-34.png

    Soviet Intelligence is concerned of a imminent German Attack and continues to use the Trans-Siberian Railroad to transfer mongolian troops to the West.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 20-40-45.png

    Foreign Minister Molotov also relays the information of a possible German Attack. Stalin gives him a fishy stare and replies “I know what I’m doing”.

    A chill runs through Molotov, "Of course comrade ! I serve the soviet union ! " and beats a hasty retreat.

    Tojo and the Militarists in Japan do the unthinkable and launch a sneak attack in Late 1940 against the Western Allies. American Forces are able to slow their attack on the Philippines, despite not fortifying their positions.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 20-51-23.png

    However, by Early 1941, the inevitable happens and the Philippines fall but not before the Americans successfully destroy their Air and Naval Bases.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 20-54-10.png

    The Imperial Japanese Army has been surprised by stronger than expected chinese and British/ANZAC resistance.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 20-57-27.png

    The rest of the Late 1940 - Early 1941 Game Report to be continued …

    Here is the saved game EXP Game 2 F3.tsvg

    Admiral Halsey vehemently argues for an immediate counter offensive. His superior, Nimitz, prefers a more conservative approach by reinforcing the Aleutians. Nimitz does acquiesce to Halseys demand for some offensive operations, albeit limited ones.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 21-50-55.png

    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 21-59-56.png

    Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, Admiral King wastes no time in Hunting German Wolfpacks.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 22-04-26.png

    china surprisingly proves resilient in the ongoing battle for yunnan.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 22-08-38.png
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 22-12-11.png

    Britain continues to face an unabating U-boat onslaught.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 23-04-45.png

    An early Operation Jubilee provides a much needed success thanks to heavy Paratrooper support.

    In the Middle East, Lines of Communication are successfully opened to India.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 23-23-49.png

    While in India itself, heavy counterattacks are taking place against the Imperial Japanese Army.

    Italy has successfully taken control of the entire Mediterranean Sea. Her Armies now control North Africa. A much needed boost to her national income.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 23-29-30.png

    Paratrooper and Amphibious Units have Allied Commanders concerned.

    ANZAC, fearing a Japanese invasion, focus on expanding their Army.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 23-35-16.png

    Free French Forces continue their struggle to liberate their Homeland.
    Screenshot from 2023-04-25 23-45-44.png

    EXP Game 2 F3.tsvg

    One more of North America lol
    Screenshot from 2023-04-26 02-02-06.png

    just because @Black_Elk did such an Outstanding Job :)

    SITREP DECEMBER 31st 1941
    German Industry has switched to manufacturing Land and Air Units for the upcoming Attack on the soviet union.
    cf09ebcb-e304-46de-a604-40405f21b035-G 4 Purchase.png
    The fuhrer has launched Operation Barbarossa.
    G 4 Combat.png

    Admiral Raeder launches an Aggressive Uboat Attack on the Allied Fleet off Gibralter. Combined with the usually reluctant support of Reichsmarschall Goring, it proves devastatingly effective.

    Army Group South Forms in Bessarabia.

    A successful CounterAttack in Normandy Destroys the Surprise UK Landing from Early 1941.

    Uboats continue the Battle of the Atlantic.

    The situation End of Germany Late 1941.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-02 00-20-07.png

    The communists Destroy the Facilities in Leningrad. They conserve Purchasing Power for next year when Conscription is mandated.
    cbeefe52-e2f4-4343-af34-257431a087f1-R 4 Purchase.png

    The soviets successfully Counterattack in Western Ukraine as well as a Daring Airborne Attack behind enemy lines.
    8a3507e3-3210-42b9-b04b-1663a9e7c780-R 4 Combat.png

    Army Group 1 Forms in Bryansk. Landmines are dug in in Belarus to help slow the fascist invaders. Mongol troops continue to move west.
    d87ebf00-c764-485d-a100-69787f186d41-End R 4.png

    Nippon has rebuilt the Naval Base in the Philippines and concentrates on Land Units for Asia.
    67d1af3f-933c-4597-bc69-5a5feaaf5c60-J 4 Purchase.png

    Heavy Combat continues in Asia. The last of the Dutch Islands are Attacked.
    fb858d41-695d-4d5e-8ff5-c468cc5c0572-J 4 Combat.png

    While their Attacks are successful, the chinese Stronghold in Yunnan remains.
    c7325b52-aee7-4ac5-838c-b7553e614598-End J 4.png

    The United States Concentrates on Building their Navy with a few Units for the Army.
    95a674be-97e5-4a17-8adf-dab5292437bc-USA 4 Purchase.png

    An Incensed Admiral King orders a suicide Attack on the Luftwaffe Units that had to land in morocco.
    76ac3b07-9172-4ef7-9e0b-b5b77cde6fa7-USA Combat1.png

    Small Combat continues Northwest of Midway.

    401b350f-5ed0-43fe-9daf-9a70b37ca5fe-USA Combat2.png

    3 Tank Units are sent to the soviet union via LendLease.
    b51925e4-ac99-4c98-834e-305980523a16-USA LendLease.png

    The Attack on morocco, while unsuccessful, Destroys half of the Luftwaffe Forces there.
    ec93c2b1-5fc6-4c97-a31c-06743df4c29d-USA End 4.png

    Current saved game

    The chinese continue to recruit for their Armies.
    78494999-f445-4f96-afc0-0b5e5288c700-c 4 Purchase.png

    An Attack to reopen the Burma Road succeeds.
    749e9ff7-2d74-46d8-a497-e44e95f3f32c-c 4 combat.png

    Yunnan is reinforced.
    8a70eab4-90c8-4852-b0d8-cccc8124b291-c 4 End.png

    UK continues to max support India and Africa. A Minor factory is built in newly conquered Iraq. A Canadian Destroyer is commissioned for the Battle in the Atlantic.
    3c8c16a5-c3a2-4ad8-aefe-da2b8eb14d30-UK 4 Purchase.png

    UK Forces staging out of Yunnan take FIC.
    ecb2e587-ea3f-44e1-819e-030360af37e3-UK Combat1.png

    Italian Forces in Alexandria are defeated.a9c90c61-f178-453a-ac40-5594515c1813-Uk Combat2.png

    An Airborne Attack on Normandy is Repulsed.
    f2e8303f-aa45-4971-b8ac-5110831a815d-UK Combat3.png

    The Uboat Attacks continue to severely affect the UK economy.
    e93b85b3-b111-4032-b3b6-174c03c7c6c2-UK 4 End1.png

    Egypt is reinforced and Iraq maintains a strong garrison. 2 Ftrs and 1 Tac are sent to caucasus via LendLease.
    8c8bea3e-5c59-4bae-bb51-eef10258a325-Uk 4 End2.png

    UKP continues to threaten SE Asia.
    d892c00e-a806-40af-8ee5-531beeedd12c-UK 4 End3.png

    Italy continues to build it’s Land, Sea and Air capabilities.
    390b33ba-9e96-4deb-b57a-ac73f3655aae-Italy 4 Purchase.png

    Russian Paratoopers are Defeated in Slovakia.
    a30164a9-2bd5-41f5-88ac-9c77e1aee546-Italy 4 Combat.png

    Italy continues it’s Control of the Med.
    d302974a-9570-4dfc-a7cf-d3ff249a59b7-Italy 4 End.png

    ANZAC Builds it’s Navy and Air Force
    92fc1457-57f6-4f7e-b888-582bd4c2b2f6-ANZAC 4 Purchase.png

    Queensland is reinforced.
    7bf7dbcf-eb23-4dae-ac98-d0b716c80ce7-ANZAC 4 End.png

    Free French Forces unite in Egypt. The Air Wing in The UK continues in a Defensive role.
    788dcc52-8e2a-45a8-a98c-a9fe5f1b43a3-F 4 End.png

    The Economic Situation End of 1941
    ffd67040-908c-45ec-9c41-6d780c5c683e-Economy End 4.png

    Units and Non Bonus Points for Economy
    e70488b8-95ff-46c2-9d6e-0ea5139fe6e0-Units and No Bonus Economy.png

    PUs is Current IPC total. Production is Current without any Bonus Income.

    Total Units include, Infrastructure, Unarmed LMs and the Pacific Bonus Markers.
    Changer is Allied to Everyone, so his Units, LMs, should count for everyones total but i’ve never actually added it up lol.

    Anyway, still gives an idea of Unit strength.
    da60ba95-fc12-40f2-8f23-ff7fcecee86a-Units and No Bonus Economy.png

    Early 1942
    Here is the Latest save EXP Game 2 F 5.tsvg
    The Wehrmacht continues its push into the soviet union. Finnish Forces are at the spearhead to take back there Homeland lost to the communists.

    The Kriegsmarine continues it’s Convoy raiding against the UK as well as making some small Attacks in the Atlantic and Baltic.

    The Commander of Army Group South makes an aggressive Attack against the Ukraine. While successful, the Western Ukraine Attack ends in Stalemate, with Luftwaffe Forces having to RTB before German Infantry can secure control.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 03-49-45.png

    Germany Reinforces the Wehrmacht heavily as well as a Wolfpack for the Kriegsmarine. The Luftwaffe receives smaller resources but the Fallschirmjager are also reinforced.

    The German high Command places there new Forces accordingly.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 04-09-39.png

    The Reich ends with 75 PUs. Confidence is High.

    Coming out of his drunken rage, stalin orders Full Mobilization. He also reluctantly pays pennies on the dollar for Allied assistance as 2 British Fighters and 1 Tac Bomber, along with 3 American Tanks, are delivered.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 04-20-12.png

    General Zhukov, ignoring the ravings of stalin, launches a massive Counterattack Destroying Army Group South. If not for the Fanatical Defense of Waffen SS Units, a soviet Breakthrough may have occurred.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 04-31-41.png

    A Counterattack in Belarus as well as a surprise Airborne Attack in Bulgaria also prove successful.

    Heavy Conscript Placements with Lend Lease Units now at the Front gives stalin pause and he reinstates Zhukov to High Command.

    Soviets end with 44 Pus

    Nippon has upgraded their Industry and are producing Heavy Land Forces for the Army.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 05-54-12.png

    Strong Attacks in Asia as well as a Surprise Strike in New Guinea prove successful.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 05-57-26.png

    Large Land Forces are Landed in Asia. The IJN Control the South Pacific.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-02-04.png

    The Empire of Japan collects 82 PUs. Confidence is High.

    The United States has Fully Mobilized there War Industry.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-08-27.png

    Minor combat in the Atlantic and an unopposed landing in North Africa prove successful.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-11-12.png

    The Aleutians and Hawaii are reinforced.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-14-13.png

    The Atlantic Fleet Concentrates off Gibralter.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-15-21.png

    USA Earns 81 PUS. They are now being outproduced by Nippon.

    China continues to Build it’s Army.Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-19-30.png

    They Counteraatack in szechwan and Reopen the Burma Road.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-20-51.png

    They Finish with 15 PUs
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-22-45.png

    With the help of Indian labor, the British Factory is moved underground. All remaining resources are used building Land Units in S Africa and the newly operational Factory in iran.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-36-09.png

    The attempt to retake FIC Fails with the added loss of a Fighter Wing
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-40-29.png

    The Royal Navy Sinks a Uboat in SZ 109 while a Daring LCV Attack by Elite Infantry temporarily Liberates Holland.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-42-25.png

    Reinforcements continue to move by Rail from S Africa to yunnan. UK ends with 58 PUs
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-46-21.png

    Italia spends all of there resources for the Army
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-50-41.png

    They Attack in Bulgaria and W UKR.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-52-18.png

    Greece is Heavily Reinforced. They Finish with 24 PUs
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-53-44.png

    ANZAC supports there Navy and Army
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-55-49.png

    Shocked and Incensed by the Fall of New Guinea, ANZAC uses all it’s might in a Risky Counterattack.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 06-57-18.png

    The Attack is a Success and the Anxious ANZAC wonder when or if Yankee help will arrive. They Finish with 17 PUs
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 07-00-49.png

    France remains in a Defensive Posture supporting there Stronger Allies.

    Economy July 1 1942
    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 07-04-39.png

    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 07-05-36.png

    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 07-06-30.png

    Screenshot from 2023-05-17 07-07-06.png

    Saved Game
    EXP Game 2 F 5.tsvg

    Late 1942 Sitrep

    EXP Game 2 F 6.tsvg

    Germany spends the majority of there resources on the Wehrmacht , Including Waffen Units. The Kriegsmarine Produces another Wolfpack.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 13-20-34.png

    1st Panzer moves into Archangel and the Wehrmacht also successfully counterattacks in Belarus.

    Raeder’s Uboats continue there war of attrition and Convoy raiding against the Allied Navies. The main German Fleet secures the Baltic.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 13-26-34.png

    2nd Panzer Forms in Germany.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 13-34-00.png

    Germany finishes with 72 PUs.

    The soviets begin Mass Tank Production. They also activate some Guard Infantry as well as a Tank General. Airborne troops are reinforced and the first Katyusha Rockets are deployed.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 13-51-10.png

    The Red Army successfully counterattack in belarus and W UKR, along with a surprise Airborne attack in Bulgaria.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 13-55-27.png

    1st Army Group Forms in Smolensk. 1st Tank in Moscow. Russia ends with 35 PUs

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 13-59-25.png

    Nippon spends heavily on the IJA, while also supporting there Naval and Air Forces.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 14-09-59.png

    JPN successfully attacks Kansu, Szechwan, Malaya and New Guinea.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 14-15-11.png

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 14-35-05.png

    JPN finishes with 85 PUs

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 14-37-00.png

    Uncle Sam continues to invest heavily in his Navy. He also purchases some Artillery and Fortifications for the Army.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 14-46-10.png

    After the sinking of the Italian DD off GIB by the soviet sub, General Marshall OKs Admiral King’s attack on the Italian Capital. Unfortunately for the Americans, it fails spectacularly. Green troops and poor Naval gunnery, doom the early Anzio attack.

    Anti-Submarine battles continue in the Atlantic.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 15-02-46.png

    In the Pacific, the attempt to retake New Guinea fails.
    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 15-09-33.png

    The Northern Pacific Fleet positions off the west coast. USA ends with 82 PUs.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 15-20-12.png

    china continues to build it’s army.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 16-03-39.png

    The nationalists and the communists are unable to coordinate there attack on Szechwan and it is an unmitigated disaster.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 16-10-10.png

    The Burma Road is now closed. china ends with 6 PUs

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 16-15-24.png

    Britain builds in it’s India, Africa and Middle East Factories. They also are able to launch a Trprt off Canada.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 16-53-35.png

    The Indian Army Attacks Kweichow and FIC.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-09-39.png

    The Uboats in SZ 119 are sunk.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-24-15.png

    S African INF travel by Rail and reinforce belarus. UK ends with 51 PUs.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-31-49.png

    Italia reinforces there Army

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-46-15.png

    They launch two amphibious attacks across the Black Sea. Address the russian Airborne attack in Bulgaria as well as pushing into N Africa.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-48-00.png

    Reinforces there Capital and finish with 23 PUs.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-51-14.png

    ANZAC updates there AB and builds there Navy.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 17-56-20.png

    They make a desperate counterattack against New Guinea but strong JPN resistance defeats it. Naval and Air Units sink a JPN DD in SZ 55.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 18-08-54.png

    ANZAC finishes with 8 PUs due to there loss of both DNG and NG.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 18-19-22.png

    Axis have basically attained economic parity with the Allies.

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 18-21-11.png


    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 18-22-24.png

    Screenshot from 2023-05-29 18-23-06.png

    Latest saved game
    EXP Game 2 F 6.tsvg

    Sitrep Early 1943
    Total War Production has now been Activated.
    EXP Game 2 F 7.tsvg

    The Reich continues to build Wehrmacht and Waffen Units. The Kriegsmarine also builds another Wolfpack. They also construct a Minor Factory in Novgorod.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 04-25-48.png

    They Attack Belarus and Bryansk. The Belarus Attack Fails.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 04-29-53.png

    The Army withdraws from Archangel to Novgorod. The Kriegsmarine moves to it’s Home Port.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 04-33-39.png

    Germany Finishes with 72 PUs

    The soviets continue Mass Tank Production as well as adding a Tank General. They form 3 more Guards Units but would have been better off producing more Tanks via Total War but the inefficiency of the communist system fails again.
    A Paratrooper and Rocket Unit are also produced.

    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 05-12-00.png

    russia attacks Archangel, Bryansk, Rostov. W UKR is attacked with Rockets.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 05-21-27.png

    1st Army is in Bryansk. 2nd Tank Forms in moscow. The soviets end with 28 PUs.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 05-25-32.png

    JPN continues to build there Army and Begins to Fortify Java. IJN has some support Ships launched, as well as a “Free” BB and Trprt.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 07-30-36.png

    They Attack all remaining chinese TTys except yunnan. They also Attack FIC and the Allied Naval Units off NG.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 21-39-24.png

    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 21-42-12.png

    All Attacks succeed and Reinforcements are placed.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 21-45-14.png

    A Naval Task Force Sails to Java.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 21-47-19.png

    JPN Ends with 86 PUs

    USA Builds All Branches of there Military
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-13-27.png

    They Sink the Italian Fleet in SZ 97
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-18-37.png

    and a IJN DD in SZ 55
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-22-20.png

    The Atlantic is Reinforced with a Naval Carrier Task Force
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-24-48.png

    The Task Force off Queensland is Reinforced and the Main Pacific Fleet Sails to Pearl Harbor
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-28-32.png

    The Americans End with 81 PUs

    china produces 2 INF
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-43-53.png

    They successfully counterattack Hunan and Kwangsi
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-45-44.png

    They Withdraw from Yunnan to Burma
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-47-48.png

    china Ends with 6 PUs

    UK continues to Build Land Units
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 22-55-46.png

    They Attack Szechwan and Shan ST
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-08-13.png

    as well as an Amphibious Attacks against Denmark and Greece
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-27-58.png

    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-38-37.png
    They suffer a Heavy Defeat in Szechwan, while there other Attacks are successful.
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-31-45.png

    2 S African INF move by Rail to Bryansk
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-34-38.png

    Heavy Mechanized Forces Arrive in India
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-36-54.png

    Caucasus is Reinforced from the Iraq Fctry
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-41-35.png

    Canadian Forces Arrive in GIB
    Screenshot from 2023-06-17 23-43-38.png

    They End with 53 PUs

    Game Report continued here

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    That looks awesome. The situation improves for the Axis as they expand their Sphere Of Control deep into the Atlantic - and soon deep into the Soviet Union.

    We look forward to more Game Reports:+1:

  • @the-captain :grinning:

  • @barnee

    Nice! I’m starting to warm up to that map. The original’s still better though.

  • @barnee

    I am such a big fan of this new map! China finally doesn’t look stupid anymore (in the previous map its shape was super distorted).

    Just looking at the map makes me want to play!

  • @victoryfirst said in Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Reports:

    Just looking at the map makes me want to play!

    heh heh well Japan’s up :)

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Global 1943, No. 4 Game Report: Round Late 1945:

    This is the only post in the No. 4 Game Report.

    Axis: Butch Cassidy
    Allies: The Captain

    From game start Early 1943, Germany started to re-organize the combat formations on the Eastern Front.

    Reinforcements from Germany and Western Germany were sent in all directions to strengthen the frontline units.

    Gradually a build up of Panzer units were re-inforcing the armies on the Eastern Front.

    Italy was taken over in Late 1943.

    Soviet Union:
    The Soviets were launching massive counter attacks along the entire Eastern Front, pushing back the Germans.

    In Early 1944 the Soviets launched a massive offensive that annihilated German Army Group Center.

    Strong German Panzer Unit Formations reached the frontline just in time to prevent a total collapse of the Eastern Front.

    In Late 1944 the Soviets launched another massive offensive at Kursk - destroying most of German Army Group South.

    Battle of Kursk

    After the Battle of Kursk:

    Again, Germany was able to reinforce the scattered frontline units with Panzer formations.

    As US and UK forces landed in Western Europe and Norway, the Soviets were able to halt all German advance on the Eastern Front.

    From Early 1943 and onwards, Japan was under extreme pressure from Allied troops.
    US and UK units launched massive attacks against all Japanese strongholds and occupied islands and territories.

    In both Asia and the Pacific Japan was unable to halt the Allied advance - and by Late 1944, the last Japanese units on the Pacific islands were annihilated - and in China the last Japanese units were fighting a desperate battle against an overwhelming number of Allied units.

    United States:
    In Early 1943 the US Navy launched a series of amphibious assaults in the Pacific, and strengthened their gains in North Africa.

    US land forces were increased on a massive scale - and a huge Transport Fleet was ready to carry the combat units to the Battle Zones.

    By Early 1945, all islands in the Pacific were under Allied control - and the Imperial Japanese Navy was annihilated in a massive naval battle.

    In Early 1944 and Late 1944 US landings in Europe secured the Western Front - and ultimately threatened the Third Reich - bringing an end to further German advance on all fronts.

    United Kingdom:
    From Early 1943 UK re-inforcements were transported by Strategic Rail Movement from South Africa to India, stregthening the UK frontline units in Asia in their struggle against the Imperial Japanese Army.

    In Late 1943 and Early 1944 German Paratrooper units supported by an amphibious Landing Craft Assault with Infantry and Panzer units were able to cut off the UK supply lines from South Africa to India, by capturing Iraq, Trans-Jordan and Syria.

    In Late 1944, Soviet troops captured Iraq, opening the UK supply lines to India again.

    In Late 1944 and Early 1945, UK units liberated most of China - encircling the last Japanese combat units in Kweichow - sealing the fate of further Japanese expansion in Asia.

    By Late 1945, the last remaining Axis forces were fighting for their lives - ending the War with an Allied Economic Victory.

    The Military Situation by Late 1945:

    IMG_6577.JPG IMG_6578.JPG IMG_6579.JPG IMG_6580.JPG IMG_6581.JPG IMG_6582.JPG IMG_6583.JPG IMG_6584.JPG IMG_6585.JPG IMG_6586.JPG IMG_6587.JPG
    IMG_6587.JPG IMG_6588.JPG

  • @the-captain

    Very cool and sad for the Axis!

    I promise you that if the Axis wins this game, I’ll get a haircut.

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21

    Pictures and Military Situation has been added to the Global 1943 No. 4 Game Report.

    Included are pictures from the Battle of Kursk.

  • @the-captain

    Just looking back at this game report. Why didn’t the Soviets use their Soviet Mass Tank Production on turn 1 to save a few bucks?

  • @the-captain said in Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Reports:

    Global 1943, No. 3 Game Report: Round Early 1943 (round 1):

    This Global 1943 two-player game has just begun today. For the first time we play a Global 1943 game by e-mail.

    To make this Game Report more managable, we’ll post a new thread for each round.

    Here is a brief situation report:

    Axis: The Captain
    Allies: Keld Rasmussen

    I mean this game (I deleted everything from the post except the first few lines to make things more manageable.

  • Maybe Germany did something wrong on turn 1 ?

    Not normal for Germany to be this weak.

  • @general-6-stars

    Probably just The Captain being The Captain.

  • @the-captain

    With another victory under your belt, I can safely say you are the Axis and Allies 1940 and 1943 House Rules Expansions Grand Champion.

  • @victoryfirst

    It is true that the cost for Soviet Tank Mass Production should have been 47 IPC for 12 Tank units.

    As I recall, we discovered this flaw within 2-3 rounds - and if I remember correctly, USSR were allowed to place units worth 3 IPC in any Soviet controlled territory.

    I believe that this mistake could happen since we did not play Face to Face - but played by e-mail.

    When we play FTF, we always go through the economy together to minimize mistakes.

    Good observation by the way:muscle:

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