Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Reports

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    @barnee @The-Captain I can’t remember. Does this mean the extra dough for the Pacific Islands doesn’t count either ?

    the IPC that each Nation receives from National Objective and Bonus Income and Advanced
    Production Capacity etc. do not count towards the IPC level required for the Winning Conditions.

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    Complete Chaos

    Complete Chaos.png

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    Go Japan! Also, how did this happen?

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    The Winning Conditions for an Economic Victory are fulfilled when one side reaches this Combined IPC Level after France’s turn:

    • Axis: 148 IPC
    • Allies: 189 IPC

    At the Expanded National Production Chart you must add up the totals for each Nation.

    Check out my Game Report from 21st. December 2021 - there you can see a picture of the Expanded National Production Chart.

    Add up all totals for all Allied Nations. The Allies win an Economic Victory in Early 1945 - with a Combined IPC Level at 194 IPC.

    The number of IPC (cash) that each Nation has in it’s treasury is of no importance concerning the Economic Victory conditions.

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    @the-captain right on so just the printed IPC values count. triplea does this correctly.

    Economic Victory.png

    They have a total production of 233 but only 174 printed on board value. My last question is Celebes. We gave it an extra buck to boost to 4 with The Expanded Pacific Ocean so triplea doesn’t count it. Should that extra buck count or not ? Celebes is a hot spot and that 1 dollar could make a difference.


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    Yes - Celebes should count as “4”.

    I’ll correct that in the Rules Clarification - and the Updated Rulebook for Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    Thanks for question👍

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    @the-captain yea I remember it was talked about before but wasn’t sure. Cool a +1 add is easy enough to keep track of.

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    Is this the end for the Reich ?

    End Days ?.png

    Yes. Yes it is.

    No More Reich.png

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    Allies still 4 bucks short. Gd trprt shot down Escorting ANZAC Bmbr in Celebes so my two trannys had to retreat. Woulda ignored them but they had an Escort that needed to be offed.

    That 4 bucks woulda sealed the deal. Oh well, another 6 months to beat up on those sneak attack bastards some more.

    Game 22 Aug 5 2022.tsvg

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    Get the Alps national redoubt ready. We’ll fight in Austria!

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    Wish you didn’t answer your rhetorical question. I would have said, “No, it’s not!”.

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    Help Japan! Make the Allies walk (or sail) into a trap! For Japan!

  • Global 1940 Tournament game report:

    This weekends Global 1940 two-player game has just ended today. Here is a brief situation report:

    Axis: Berserker
    Allies: Cornelis

    Early 1940,


    Germany decided to go for operation Typhoon. So 70% off its ipc is spend on infantry for the eastern front. the entire game.( for more information about operation typhoon:

    Japan’s main goal in the first four rounds is to take china, regroup and go for an invasion in Russia. Also maintain control in the pacific ocean.

    Italy it’s only spending units in europe to defend against invasions from the USA/UK.

    Russia main goal is to stay alive the first 5 rounds.

    Amerika, is building a navy in the atlantic ocean and in the pacific to take as early as possible control of the oceans.

    The UK is constant invading Norway and Normandy.
    Also the UK destroyed the italian navy in the first round.
    And did take care of the middle east.

    Anzac takes over control over the money islands in the first three rounds.

    Early 1944.

    Germany faces a massive invasion in Norway. From the UK
    Also the German advance comes to an halt in Russia.

    Japan faces a massive invasion in China by the english.
    Japan have lost the control in the pacific ocean, and the money islands.

    Amerika captured caroline islands.
    And will bring in continuous new units in Europe and the Pacific to weaken the Japanese and german economy.
    image15.jpeg image14.jpeg image13.jpeg

    Early 1945.

    Germany is holding the eastern front
    And also have a massive army in europe.

    Japan, is forced to retreat all the remaining units to Japan.
    Allies takes over control of China.
    The Japanese economy is falling apart.
    Because of the situation it seems hopeless for Japan, so they deciced to surrender.

    The following pictures show the military situation in the beginning of round 11. Early 1945.

    image12.jpeg image11.jpeg image10.jpeg
    image9.jpeg image8.jpeg image7.jpeg
    (/forums/assets/uploads/files/1661613148875-image6-resized.jpeg) image5.jpeg image4.jpeg image3.jpeg image2.jpeg image1.jpeg image0.jpeg

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    No! Why does Japan always die before Germany? Give Germany a miracle please.

  • @superbattleshipyamato

    In round 5, the axis balance was 55-45%
    Butt Japan waited to long to invade Russia.

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    @cornelis-post Nice report. Sweet photos ! Did Germany consider taking Italy over ?

  • @barnee

    Yes, in the last round Germany took over Italy.
    In the previous rounds Italy could not retreat his troops from Africa because a allied blockade, in the Mediterranean Sea.

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    @cornelis-post said in Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Report Thread:

    In the previous rounds Italy could not retreat his troops from Africa because a allied blockade, in the Mediterranean Sea.

    yea I’ve just been sending them on suicide attacks if necessary to kill em off. It’s a little bit of a burn with no more can openers but that extra turn basically with them can do some major damage.

    Anyway, thanks again for a Great Game Report and pics. Looking forward to more 🙂

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    With ones of Axis victory!

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    Global 1943, No. 3 Game Report: Round Early 1943 (round 1):

    This Global 1943 two-player game has just begun today. For the first time we play a Global 1943 game by e-mail.

    To make this Game Report more managable, we’ll post a new thread for each round.

    Here is a brief situation report:

    Axis: The Captain
    Allies: Keld Rasmussen

    Germany, Early 1943:
    Germany is building up The Atlantic Wall defense line and partly withdrawing units from Africa.

    Germany dosn’t launch any attacks in Early 1943. Instead all Waffen-SS units are upgraded in Berlin (Germany).

    Global 1943, G1 purchase.JPG Global 1943, G1 switch SS.JPG

    A massive re-organization of German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units takes place on the Eastern Front.
    Army Group North has its core build up around 2nd. Panzer Army and 2nd Waffen-SS Army - and is strengthening its position around Novgorod.
    Army Group Center has its core build up around 3rd and 4th Waffen-SS Armies - and is building up strength in Eastern Poland - ready to launch a coordinated attack with either Army Group North or Army Group South.
    Army Group South in Rostov has its core build up around 1st Panzer Army and 1st Waffen-SS Army - and is the German Main Stronghold on the Eastern Front.

    Global 1943, G1 placement.JPG Global 1943, G1 situation.JPG

    In the Atlantic, the German U-Boat units are scattered to avoid destruction - and to disperse Allied Naval units.

    In the Western Europe sphere, the situation is more or less unchanged, due to the massive reinforcemnts on the Eastern Front.

    Germany has created two Waffen-SS Paratrooper units - and together with other Paratrooper units, they are moved to Southern Italy - waiting to launch a Surprise Attack against any weakend Allied territory.

    Global 1943, G1 NCM.JPG

    Soviet Union, Early 1943:
    10 Tank units are purchased by the Soviets (50 IPC). The Total War rule is now available, which means that USSR gets 2 extra Tank units. So 12 Tank units are ready for placement at the end of R1.
    1, R1, purchase.JPG
    The Soviet Union launches a series of attacks against Stalingrad, Smolensk, and Bryansk.

    After recapturing those territories, Soviet units are lined up during NCM for future attacks.

    12 Tank units are placed in Moscow (Russia). The Moscow Industrial Complex has already been converted into an Underground Factory - and upgraded with Heavy Industry 2 Units.

    2, R1.JPG 3, R1.JPG 4, R1.JPG 5, R1.JPG 6, R1, Army Groups.JPG

    Japan, Early 1943:
    Japan purchases following units:
    Combat Movement, Combat & Non-Combat Movement:
    IMG_5745.JPG IMG_5746.JPG IMG_5747.JPG IMG_5748.JPG IMG_5749.JPG
    Place New Units & Collect Income:
    IMG_5750.JPG IMG_5751.JPG

    Japan collects income:

    • 5 IPC: Bonus for South Pacific Islands
    • 8 IPC: Advanced Production Capacity
    • 79 IPC: National Income Level

    Japan loses 5 IPC due to US Submarines (SZ 37 + 43)

    Japan has saved 11 IPC during the Purchase & Repair phase.

    Japanese total income: 98 IPC

    Japan has pushed forward on all fronts - in Asia as well as the Pacific.

    The Imperial Japanese Navy is split up in 4 Major Naval Task Forces:

    • Naval Task Force 1: SZ 33
    • Naval Task Force 2: SZ 36
    • Naval Task Force 3: SZ 6
    • Naval Task Force 4: SZ 45

    Major tasks for Japan:

    1. Japan must push back all Chinese units - and eliminate them.
    2. The Imperial Japanese Navy must assemble its Naval Task Forces in an attempt to destroy the massive US Pacific Navy.
    3. The fight against the British must be intensified

    United States, Early 1943:
    United States purchase:

    United States Combat Movement, Combat & Non-Combat Movement:
    IMG_5753.JPG IMG_5754.JPG IMG_5755.JPG IMG_5756.JPG IMG_5757.JPG

    United States Place New Units & Collect Income:
    IMG_5758.JPG IMG_5759.JPG IMG_5760.JPG

    USA collects income:

    • 15 IPC: National Objective Bonus Income
    • 14 IPC: Advanced Production Capacity Income
    • 50 IPC: National Production Level
    • 1 IPC: Saved up from this round
    • Total Income: 80 IPC

    China, Early 1943:
    China purchase: 2 Infantry units - and gets 1 additional Infantry unit:
    Chinese attacks, Non-Combat & Place New Units:
    IMG_5762.JPG IMG_5763.JPG
    China collects income: 5 IPC - saved 2 IPC from start - Total: 7 IPC.

    United Kingdom, Early 1943:
    United Kingdom purchases:

    Combat Movement, Combat & Non-Combat Movement:
    IMG_5765.JPG IMG_5766.JPG IMG_5767.JPG
    Place New Units & Collect Income:
    IMG_5769.JPG IMG_5768.JPG IMG_5770.JPG IMG_5771.JPG IMG_5772.JPG

    United Kingdom collects income:

    • 5 IPC: National Objective Bonus Income: (all IPC Value Territories on Europe map)
    • 6 IPC: Advanced Production Capacity
    • 64: National Income Level
    • Total: 75 IPC

    Italy, Early 1943:
    Italy purchases:

    Italy has no Combat Movement.
    Non-Combat Movement & Place New units:
    IMG_5778.JPG IMG_5779.JPG IMG_5780.JPG IMG_5781.JPG IMG_5782.JPG
    Italy Place New units:

    Italy collects income:

    • 3 IPC: Advanced Production Capacity
    • 8 IPC: National Income Level: 8 IPC
    • Saved from start: 3 IPC
    • Total income: 14 IPC
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    @the-captain sweet ! This is a great 1st turn report for the Eastern Front. I can see where you retreated and where you concentrated. Excellent 🙂

    What is the unit in S France ? It looks kinda like an aaGun but the ones in W Ger look different. Also the Bmbr in Yugo looks different as well. I assume the small planes in w Ger are Ftrs and the larger one a Tac ?

    Edit 2
    Oh the Yugo is a Air Transport ?

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    @barnee said in Global 1940 & 1943 Expansions Game Report Thread:

    @the-captain sweet ! This is a great 1st turn report for the Eastern Front. I can see where you retreated and where you concentrated. Excellent 🙂

    What is the unit in S France ? It looks kinda like an aaGun but the ones in W Ger look different. Also the Bmbr in Yugo looks different as well. I assume the small planes in w Ger are Ftrs and the larger one a Tac ?

    Edit 2
    Oh the Yugo is a Air Transport ?

    Though there was no air transports. Paratroopers just moved. Unless there their for non combat flights ?

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    Never mind. See AT in non only now. Don’t know why it’s not doing combat to. Oh well

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    So if I have 2 inf in one of the 4 territories for Atlantic wall I can build 1 AW and 1 fort. Then 2 inf defend +1 and the AW gun gets a defense roll of 3 ? Cost would be 1 icp each.

    Better of getting the AW piece. 2
    Inf defend +1 and 2 AW units defend @3 each.

    So the only difference with a AC fig can move 4 and land on ground. But a naval AC plane can only move 3 and can’t land on ground ?

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