• Can Ski troops retreat before the attacker rolls? Or are they like partisans where the attacker rolls, then instead of firing back they can retreat?

  • '19

    @linkler This doesn’t seem to be made clear, BUT… I think the best approach is the latter you mentioned.

    Referring to the base game rules in section 9.4 (Submarines are the only base game unit that can retreat while Defending), the retreat happens in lieu of the Defense roll.

  • I would tend to agree also even if the rule is not clear. The Attacker rolls first and if the defending ski troop is not hit, then it can either roll for defense or retreat.

    Good call in pointing out the similar mechanic for subs.

  • @noneshallpass thanks guys. I had a game where I was chasing the Utti jaegers all over Finland for a few turns kind of frustrating lol they’re near impossible to knock out if they can just retreat immediately and stack up

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