• I’ve been thinking about this for a whole and I can’t think of the best spot. Of course it is very situational but in general, what are your go to landing spots? Specifically like Norway, France, Italy etc? Then in the Pacific is island hopping in the south, going into China, or threatening/landing in japan the best idea?

  • @tincanofthesea Like you say, it is highly situational.

    However, my preference is for Normandy, if I can make it stick (no point if Germany can counter attack successfully). It can be continually reinforced through the Channel and draws Germany into a big second front so helping Russia whcih is the main goal.

    If I’m short on reinforcements but long on time then Norway is a nice option, hard for Germany to counter attack and the US can drop an mIC on there and maybe Finland too for building up forces directly in Europe.

    S.Italy is good if a VC is needed quickly and Italy hasn’t been able to build up too many trooops there, but I find I get get bottled up there by the Germans easily or at least struggle to breakout (with N.Italy becoming a deadzone).

    Obviously a snekay UK taking Germany after the US opens up the Danish strait is always something to look out for and threatening it does keep the Germans honest with having to defend Denamrk or Germany.

    For the Pacific, the Caroline Islands are nice if you can get them as from there you can threaten landing everywhere from FIC up to Japan. It can also be attacked from a lot of places to so have to watch out it isn’t an ambush…

  • @flyingbadger thanks for the great advice, I definitely saw the down sides of S Italy in our current game. I’ve seen a strat where Russia or US takes Korea and then the US puts a naval on Alaska or Aleutian to hit Japan/drop troops in Korea. Might have to try it out sometime

  • @tincanofthesea said in Favorite Attack Spots for Allies?:

    I’ve seen a strat where Russia or US takes Korea and then the US puts a naval on Alaska or Aleutian to hit Japan/drop troops in Korea. Might have to try it out sometime

    Interesting idea, I should look to try that sometime. I’m a bit one dimensional and never think about using combinations of powers like this.

    Should add to the Europe options, if you can wait and there isn’t anything open then it can be better to build up for another turn than force something that might fail. Forces Axis to spend more to cover the increased threat to multiple territories or maybe leave somewhere vulnerable to the bigger offensive power.

  • @flyingbadger that’s very true. I feel like every game I consider going through Spain or Turkey but it never happens, maybe I’ll do it one of these days…

  • I choose the “soft underbelly of Europe”, attack Italy.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @tincanofthesea said in Favorite Attack Spots for Allies?:

    @flyingbadger thanks for the great advice, I definitely saw the down sides of S Italy in our current game. I’ve seen a strat where Russia or US takes Korea and then the US puts a naval on Alaska or Aleutian to hit Japan/drop troops in Korea. Might have to try it out sometime

    @tincanofthesea This seems like a very interesting strategy. Do you know any game in where this strategy was employed? I like to see how it worked.

  • @mozkaynak I haven’t seen an actual game but Sired Blood has a video called Operation Green Shores which goes over it

  • @mozkaynak I tried this on a Pacific-only game a few weeks ago. Basically, Japan took out most of China (Me and UK/Anzac were working together but he isnt the best of players…) Yunnan was taken round 3 and soon, South East Asia was under threat. As the US, I joined the war round 3 and immediately moved into the Caroline Islands. The Japanese already evacuated the islands in response to a possible threat of their mainland islands. Fighting continued and I island-hopped a bit, helping ANZAC along the way. I think it was around round 6 or 7 when I setup an epic trap for the Japanese player.

    We are playing with DK’s research board so the US had Super Subs (lucky me!) and so I spammed transports, lots of subs, and the occasional tac and fighter (it depended.) I strategically placed my units in a way where the Japanese player did not understand where I would go. The destination: take out the Japanese home fleet and capture Korea. I used a bunch of planes scattered around and some ships, taking the home island zone fairly easily. The reason why was because he didnt think I would attack there.

    There were some problems before that however. The caroline island fleet got destroyed by a Philippines build-up of the Japanese player. This limited both of our naval capabilities for another 2 -3 turns. India fell probably around 7-8 rounds in and the Japanese player looked for Sydney to collect that final VC to win the game.

    The north of the Pacific looked pretty good for me. The money islands were mostly secure until the ending of the game where Japan with what navy they had left sailed towards Sydney. I had taken Korea and then I think I took Manchuria and that stuff. Japan tried building a fleet in Shanghai but I blocked all of his coast line and cut him off. In our games, we dont do convoy raiding sometimes just because it makes the games more complex (but I think after our Europe game we will do it) If you block a sea zone with a factory, if the seazone is blocked by an enemy you cannot build. Anyways, the game was a stalemate and we ended it idk I think round 11.

  • @all-encompassing-goose Interesting game, also not sure if you knew or it was just well defended, but you can build in enemy sea zones it just forces a battle or the enemy’s withdrawal on the next turn. I believe it says that on one of the first few pages in the rule book

  • @tincanofthesea I think it’s a lot more realistic if you can do a blockade like that

  • @all-encompassing-goose Yes and no, for example a US carrier with nothing on it shouldn’t be able to stop the placement of a major navy around all of Japan. I guess you have to go one way or the other because there are too many possibilities.

  • @tincanofthesea Then maybe if there are:

    A total of 5 attack in the enemy ships in a seazone, the cannot build any Navy in that seazone (blockaded)

    Example: a cruiser and a destroyer (cruiser Attack: 3 + destroyer Attack 2 = 5)

    If there is no port facility, then one unit can blockade the coast (does not have to have an attack value)

    A famous example of this is the Confederacy during the US civil war 🙂 but it makes sense that like… 1 sub unit cannot blockade an entire island.

  • @all-encompassing-goose I kinda like that actually, might have to try it out. I’m wondering how balanced that would be in the Europe side of the map

  • @tincanofthesea idk. I am going to try it in the Pacific map and see how it goes. Going to do a allied bid game (our first official one lol) because last game, allies didn’t really stand a chance. I wonder if there are “Blockade” markers at HBG, well if the shipping wasn’t so expensive I could buy those-

    This will be my last 40 game before I will use the new stuff I got from HBG 🙂 maybe try to learn the G40 Balanced Mod (TheCaptain’s) + some extra stuff

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