Very strange idea: Play A&A Classic with house rule: units that are hit do NOT return fire

  • My question is (and than I will explain how I came upon this strange idea):

    Did anyone of you ever play Axis and Allies Classic with the following rule or rules misconception:

    “During attack each unit that is hit is removed immediatelly. So the units of the defender that are hit are immediatelly removed. They do NOT fire during the Defensive Player’s phase of a round of combat.”

    So basically: all units are ‘Deadly First Strike’ submarines all the time…
    I am wondering how this would change the game play and the chances of the Axis and the Allies.

    Now: How I came to this.
    I just was thinking about sometimes you really cannot explain something to someone so then you respond: well, if you want to see it (do it) like that, it is not correct, but please do then…
    And then I thought about someone insisting that units that are hit during A&A combat are removed immediatelly. And then I thought: would someone ever have played Axis and Allies like this? So yeah, maybe in the Axis and Allies Classic days… We only had that one Axis and Allies game (and maybe Shogun and maybe mabye Fortress America) so ‘we’ tend to try some ‘stranger things’. No pun intended…

  • '22


    I made that mistake in my first few games.

  • @superbattleshipyamato


    How did these games play out?

  • '22


    The game was Axis And Allies 1941, and I don’t remember. I don’t think it was crazy though, due to other misunderstandings of the rules:

    All sides can only attack at one place per turn.

    When fighting the number of units doesn’t matter-each type of dice roll (4 or less, 3 or less, and the rest) is rolled for only once.

    These two misunderstandings weren’t too bad in the small 1941 game, but was a real problem with the really big Global 1940 game, like 10 strategic bombers only rolling once.

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