• Japan and UK gets all their bonuses immediately. United States does not join the war until round 3 and the Soviet Union cannot until round 4 (unless it is declared by the Japanese or UK player)

    Canada rules:

    Canada is automatically annexed into US, the USA collects all of Canada’s income and territories HOWEVER the minor IC in Quebec + Port in Nova Scotia is deleted from the board.

    The UK gains immediate control over France including all of their income and territories. This is a lost-cause for the UK in France but, the French Navy can still play a role (converted to the UK player)

    The Soviet Union and Germany can still be at a state of war. The maximum limit is 4 rounds. It depends on if the Germans are greedy enough to go for the USSR and let the US do most of the armwrestling or team up with the Soviets. If Japan invades any Soviet territory in under 4 turns, Germany and the USSR become allies. If the 4 turn threshold is there, Germany and the USSR will be allies.

    That gives Japan and the UK some time. Remember, the USSR cannot join the war against the 2 allies unless Japan (or UK) attacks first.

    Germany can still do a G1, G2 against Russia BUT unites Russia with the UK-Japanese Alliance. This is a risky move unless Germany knows that they can win Moscow before Japan can send sufficient forces + the additional Moscow Infantry.

    Quickly the Pacific Board will be locked down and possibly the Mediterranean so think decisively as the US when you join.

    Pacific UK can still invade the money islands in addition to invading ANZAC (if they hold any) That makes Persia and ANZAC a big target for UK Pacific at the start of the game.

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    Awesome! World’s top two navies against the world, in addition to you additional house rules are brilliant!

    Great, crazy ideas! I love it when people mess with the rules in an unexpected way.

    Maybe you should have Canada and ANZAC under direct control of the UK, reduce the neutrality rules of the US and the Soviet Union by one turn, and remove the new Eastern Front rules.

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