The Game Is Officially Released On The HBG Website!


    hint: I am not apart of HBG just found it on their website and no one is talking about it so…

  • @all-encompassing-goose

    Initial thoughts from skimming through the rulebook:

    With all the additional rules previously unknown to WW2 players like Cyberwarfare and “Special Abilities” they made the provinces much bigger. Personally, I like this but they should of divided up Pakistan into the Chinese faction and India into two provinces. I think there should of also been a Indo-Pacific gatekeeper strategy included in there (“String of Pearls”)

    They made the game balanced, sudo-realistic, and joyful from what I see. I like how they added those Chinese Artificial Islands. There is ton of other rules like ICBM’s and things I cant really give my opinion on them rn. The rulebook is only 28 pages so you are definitely going to need some past experience in Global War games to play this effectively. I dont see a setup chart downloadable so I cant make an opinion on that either.

    Anyways, feel free to discuss with me. I feel like there is going to be an audience that will be angry at HGB because “the alliances are wrong” but whatever it is a game and it looks like an enjoyable experience (not for your wallet though)

  • It looks great to me! I do wish there’d be a little more detail in terms of tech and units, but I love what they’ve done for helicopters and cruise missiles.

    I see the alliances as about as realistic as anything - it is fiction afterall (hopefully). I wholly agree that the map could use a little more detail, especially around Pakistan/India, but also in general and also especially in south america. I think it’ve been good if the eastern pact had a larger presence in south america, even having brazil or something.

    A larger version of the game should imo have Brazil added as a fourth Eastern alliance nation, threatening land war with USA and operating in the south atlantic/assiting in africa, and have the pacific coaltion split into an Indian faction and a Japan/Australian faction, with room for a more detailed land war on either side of India.

    Overall really excited about it though.

  • @aegiscruiser117 From what I understand, they were specifically going more for a “Beer and Pretzels” feel with this one, so things are simplified a bit.

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