• 2007 AAR League

    Abattlemap is driving me crazy with their sz numbering.  I think I have the latest patch, but that doesn’t help if your opponent has a differnt numbering scheme.  So……What are the actual board numbers for these sea zones:

    West Mexico Seazone
    Easter Islands Seazone
    South Pacific Seazone
    East Pacific Seazone
    Fiji Islands Seazone
    New Zealand Seazone
    Solomon Islands Seazone
    N. East Australian Seazone
    New Guinea Seazone
    Angola Seazone
    East South Africa Seazone

  • ive got the actual board proped on my lap tryying to type and look.
    West Mexico Seazone 54
    Easter Islands Seazone 44(if its the 1 to the right of the Solomon Islands) 43 if its 2 over from Solomon Islands
    South Pacific Seazone 42 (if this is the 1 to the right on N.zealand)
    East Pacific Seazone 43 (if this isnt easter islands)
    Fiji Islands Seazone i forgot where this is on a actual map
    New Zealand Seazone 41
    Solomon Islands Seazone 45
    N. East Australian Seazone (NE Aust 46) (NW 38)
    New Guinea Seazone 47
    Angola Seazone 27
    East South Africa Seazone 28

    I tried to be helpful.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I listed them top to bottom starting at the right edge working left, if that helps.

  • OK, without all the names that might be confusing…

    The bottom right corner of the board is SZ42.
    Directly above that is SZ43

    Next in along the bottom is SZ41, the SZ containing New Zealand
    Above and East of that is SZ44 (south of Hawaii)
    Solomon Islands are in SZ45
    The south-eastern Aussie SZ (bottom edge of board) is SZ40
    Northeastern Aussie SZ (south of New Guinea) is 46

    I think that covers all of the errors with ABattlemap in the Pacific

    Around South Africa,
    the one west of South Africa (that adjoins Angola) is SZ27
    the one east of South Africa (that adjoins Madagascar) is SZ28

    The only other error that I know of in the main, unpatched, version of ABattlemap is:
    If you have units in SZ9 (Ecan, Nova Scotia area), your unit summary lists those units as being in SZ5 Baltic for some reason.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Thanks SuperClifford & Switch…I’m getting out my sharpie & map printout.  🙂

  • No Problem…

  • Yea that abattlemap pisses me off with the SZ.  Later tonight im going to look into the abattlemap file folder and see if its possible to modify them myself.

  • Someone posted a patch for it on another thread… not sure where.

  • @ncscswitch:

    Someone posted a patch for it on another thread… not sure where.

    Im going to have to find it then.  Ill still give modifying my abattlemap folder files if all else fails.

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