[G40] Swapping Both Boards (Europe on the Right, Pacific on the Left)

  • Instead of Europe on the left and Pacific on the right, swap them around and keep all armies the same.

    The Twist

    Both boards are split apart and are at war! That means there will be 2 USA’s and 2 USSR’s fighting against eachother.
    Already, the Pacific have some problems. There is no land route from India / China to Europe now. But with Europe, it’s the same thing too. I haven’t played this yet but I suspect IPC disruption to be screwed up. I estimate that Western USA falls and Japanese / W. American fleets with ANZAC support meet up with the E. American fleets while Britain, Italy, and Germany rushes to send theirs down to the Panama Canal.

    I would make it so Naval Ships have free passage through the Panama Canal and Central America but you will always have pesky South American waters with ANZAC and E. American fleets in the few rounds (just guessing)

    Want to know your guy’s thoughts on this. Sorry to those who have their board already printed…

    I would probably give Japan and ANZAC all their NO bonuses so they stand a chance against the Combined-European armies and economies.

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    You have some of the most interesting ideas on this forum.

    I would only have the two boards fighting each other change and the part where the boards don’t wrap around, but not the Panama Canal or national objective rules-just a fe questions and recommendations:

    So I assume that West India is given back to UK Europe, and Western Canada is given back to UK Pacific-is that right? Thank you!

    Is there a capital for the Soviet Far Eastern territories?

    You might need to make a new map, as the proportions on the map do not allow for your idea to work effectively, unless they are already explained before playing, but that might be tough, especially with the sea zones.

    For national objectives, change all references for the respective powers from Allies or Axis to the respective map alliance (of course, this means Japan get all their national objectives, but it also means that Italy and Germany get most of their national objectives as well).

    Finally, all Soviet national objectives should be given to the Europe side (how the Soviets will get their Berlin national objective is if they liberate it, there is still the first time rule), and all Pacific related national objectives should go to the US Pacific, and all Europe related national objectives should go to Europe US. This assumes that all national objectives are for the global version. The 10 IPCs for the US control Eastern, Central, and Western United States is split evenly between US Europe and Pacifc

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