[Global 1940] Bulgaria Mistake On The Board

  • Tsardom of Bulgaria

    Historical fact I forgot can be turned into a house rule for the game:

    After the German invasion of the Soviet Union and the Japanese attack on the United States, Bulgaria yielded to German pressure to declare war on Great Britain and the United States, a move of only symbolic importance, but Tsar Boris avoided joining the war against the Soviet Union, fearing that this would lead to popular unrest. Bulgaria did not send troops to the front and was relatively untouched by military operations until the summer of 1943, when Allied bombers began to attack rail and industrial centres.
    (source: britannica)

    So as a house rule we can remove Bulgaria as a pro-axis neutral until Round 4 (when they are allowed to be controlled by Germany) After that however, they turn into a pro-allied neutral because the Bulgarians dont want their territory touched…bbb…v

    Ok now we got that over with, I found some neat “axis minors” rules on the forum. There was better ones I saw a week ago but this one will do 😃
    If you have any suggestions, spill it on here. Going to add my thoughts on this forum and continue expanding my House Rules of Awesomeness. Maybe next after typing all of this I am going to look if there is a “Man in the High Castle” variant (though the book/show is super unrealistic it is a fun concept)

    edit: if this posted multiple times I am sorry it showed an ‘invalid’ error/message so after spamming submit I copy-pasted the thing and posted it. Anyways there is only one post about man in the high castle 😌 I havey look at everythings few

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    I think this a great idea-I just think it’s too complicated. Make it so the Bulgarian infantry can only move in three territories: Bulgaria, Greece, and Yugoslavia.

    I have been reading about your house rules, and you should put them into one giant rulebook like The Captain. Keep up the good work!

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