• Ex. Terrible dice for both sides
    Ex. 1 fighter winning against 11 infantry happened before according to a reddit user
    Ex. “Let’s invade Eastern US!”

  • @all-encompassing-goose I recall one game a few years ago when there was a Russian and Anzac stack in Burma defending against Japan with no British units. I genuinely have no idea how that happened anymore, but it sure looked odd.

  • This happened playing against a somewhat broke AI, so not exactly a normal situation but here goes.

    Germany conquers the Soviet Union and takes Egypt while Japan has conquered China and India.
    Just then the US cuts the head off of Japan by taking the home islands. Germany wants to sealion but can’t get back fast enough.
    Eventually you have ANZAC second only to the US in IPCS ( I bypassed liberating India and Moscow to keep the IPCS going to someone that could use them).

  • 2022


    Crazy! One time the British stayed neutral with Japan for half of the game, which allowed Japan to conquer all the way to Rostov and Greece and were pouring into Africa when the game ended. Japanese in Ukraine and Ethiopia certainly look odd.

  • 2022


    It’ll be fun to play against yourself and then move the game so it will simply be a cool arms race to try to invade the East Coast (the only problem is the advantage for the Allies, but then to gain enough resources to win you might have win the game already, but you can just leave Stalingrad, Egypt, and Leningrad open and conquer London and set your eye on the East Coast-invading Quebec might help, as well as Ontario, but then you might accidentally win). That final battle will look amazing.

    But then again, that’s why it’s considered bizarre-it’s just not an easy way of winning, unless you specifically make it so such a situation will occur.

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