• Anyone know where I could get a case to keep my minis?  Maybe one that allows the cards to fit in flat with the pieces on them?  Like a tackle box?


  • I use tackleboxes to store my Minis. Standard sized trays hold most minis, but I’ve found the planes need the larger (Double sized) ones.  I put my cards in one of those simple white cardboard boxes you get for any CCG like magic, and they fit easily in the top of the tacklebox.

  • I went to a craft store and got a bead case that has 25 slots for $1.99.  It has one large one that can fit an amtrack and most planes and bases fit into a single slot very easily.  Down side is that there is at least one plane that doesn’t fit without minor surgery to remove a divider.  If they made the planes 3 pieces it would make it easier (base, plane, and connector rod)!

  • I just use a clear plastic tacklebox with customizable slots.

  • Another idea is to only keep one of your cards in a binder… keep that one (also still in the sleeve) set organized in card pages.  This way, when you’re building an army for a game, you don’t have to thumb through your ten Shermans.  😉

    And I also use tackle-boxes.  If you’re THAT big of an A&A minis player, you could go out and get a bigger tackle box with multiple trays (and a place on the top to keep your card boxes, tiles, dice-bag, etc.  (about $30-50 at wal-mart)  Another alternative is a big ‘tool box’.  I got a plastic one from Wal Mart (I’m pretty sure… might’ve been a Military Exchange) for $20 on sale and then bought a bunch of trays to put in it (it can hold about eight trays).  Plano would be my suggestion for ‘normal’ tackleboxes (as they’re well priced, are durable… and that’s mostly what I’ve bought for my hobbies).  The backpack is something like a soft-pack that GW makes for Warhammer minis… but it is $100…

    Stanley Mobile Work Center (on EBay)
    Tackle-box Backpack
    Plano Tacklebox

    I also recently cut my ‘standard’ maps in half and put them in page protectors.  They’re pretty flat now, and aside the extra minute set-up time, I have no qualms with it!  It doesn’t work with the beach promo map (exactly), so I haven’t done that yet; and probably won’t.

    So, I hope this helps someone!  😄

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