• 2007 AAR League

    I’m already in two team games, so I really shouldn’t take on another game…  😐

  • 2007 AAR League

    Come on, there’s gotta be someone out there…out here. Guess the league is the more popular board to inhabit… 😛

  • Hi Fox

    I think I’m the same situation as you, I’ve been away from both A&A.org and A&A gaming for several months now. I believe its about time for me to get back to gaming, I’ve been missing it a lot! I’m up for a game and I’ll be happy to play with another kinda rusty old fella, instead of a top tuned everyday league player right away.

    Do you still use DAAK dice server? AAbattlemap?

    My game preferences are AAR, No NA, Standart Die rolls, normal bids for axis. Due to work and studies, and maybe timezone differences, I can only guarantee a single turn per day, but most days I’m able to do more.

    So are ready for digital warfare or do I need to keep on looking?


  • 2007 AAR League

    Daniel, I’d be happy to play you. Maybe we can both work off the rust in a game against stale skills!  😄 hehehe I use TripleA and that dicey. AAR is the only thing I play, No NA is fine with me, and bidding for axis is fine too. Where 'bouts you from? I’m Mountain Time Zone so it’s 7:14 pm here. What time is it there? And a couple of turns a day is fine. I too work nights sometimes. Let’s play!

  • Hi

    I just placed my bids and I won axis control. I’ll await your start, just create a thread when your ready.
    I’m from Denmark (GT+1) and it looks like a 7 hour time difference, so if were lucky we can make turns in the morning and in the afternoon, but lets just see.
    I’ve tried to look into tripleA before, but i think I’m going to stick with aabattlemap, the old school graphics is just my thing!

    See you in the game thread!

  • Looking for a game to carry me through the holidays…

    Non-League (too late in the season to start a League game)

    Something a bit different…

    • ADS (in-site)
    • 6 NA’s for each side (2 each USSR, UK and USA, 3 each Japan and Germany)
    • Tech permitted
    • Normal victory condition… 9 VC or surrender
      *  Blind Bid using Frood

    I can’t use Battle Map (I may be able to on the new system, but have not had a chance to load it and figure out how to use it yet), so I will be using my physical game board with force summaries posted each move.

    This will be a “for fun” game with a steady game post rate (1-2 moves per day per side).

    Anyone interested?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Hey Switch, I’m keen for a game, I’ll send a PM with my email addy and we can get started, should you choose to play me of course.

  • Works for me…

    I have your e-mail addy, so the bid will be up soon…

    Random NA’s OK with you?  And 1.3 if you don;t mind (I have not yet printed off and read through 2.0)

  • Game ID “randvncsc” details

    Players: ncscswitch@yahoo.com vs. tazdaz@westnet.com.au

    Ruleset: LHTR

  • 😮
    Ok, I’m ready to play. I use the TripeA system. So anyone utilizing that site that wants a game please get back to me.
    I prefer Low Luck, but I’ll play regular dice. AA 2nd edition AARe or just about any game except ultimate world as it takes too long.

  • Looking for a challenger for a non-league Revised game.  Using AABattlemap and the site dicey.  Nothing too intense…just a friendly game with about a move a day.

    Any takers…please PM me.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Still looking for a non-league Revised game….any takers please PM me. 😮
    Happy New Year!

  • Anybody up for some AA MINIS?  Lately I’ve been without orders so I’m just looking for someone to destroy.

  • I have the aarevised edition and would like to set up my board and play someone by email but  i dont know how to do it like that can some one help get a game under my belt via email my email is kellski_1@msn.com or messenger my name is kellski

  • I’m looking for an opponent! I’d like it to be a league game. If you like to play the Allies, it would be perfect.

  • Looking for an opponent for my very first game of forum-A&A revised.

    Is there somebody out there to teach me a lesson?

  • Who are you?

    I’m a die hard Axis and Allies fan looking for an online game, I may need a pointer regarding ‘bidding’ , but otherwise I am fully capable of thrashing the living daylights out of some poor soul, and driving his retreating units into the sea (That should be an option…  :-D)

    What do you want ?

    I would like to play an online game , I’m only active thursday to sunday, so it would get the most attention across that period.

    I see that there are a few Babylon 5 fans around here, so maybe they would like to engage the shadow forces one more time…

    Weeerrreee Baacckk!! :mrgreen:

  • hey i want to play triple A revised/LHTR pbem…… i got a mac so i cant use mapview or anything…non league, casual. about a move or so a day…kind of a newb when it comes to revised but i have played years worth of classic so, i wont be totally lost…btw here is where to get the latest stable Triple A


    i think it was released 06/07/2008 v1.0.0.1

    pm me if interested…

  • Looking to play first online game.  Will play league if someone wants a challenge but a probable win-I’m not signed up for league as I just looked into forum play.

    Can post most anytime.  Have ABattlemap and Triple A.  forum dice roll.

  • I’m looking for a game don’t relaly know how to set up online any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • Looking for a triple a total victory revised game, with three days to take a turn. Pm or email me for questions, details, or trash talk.

  • @Vldster:

    Looking for a triple a total victory revised game, with three days to take a turn. Pm or email me for questions, details, or trash talk.

    i’m looking for a game of revised, what rules and dice calculator are you using?,
    play by forum or play by email?.

  • Anyone up for a PBEM game feel free to mail me on wouter.dewever(at)home(dot)nl

    I solely use TripleA, and prefer Revised.
    Even if you are new to PBEM and want to try it, feel free to email me, and I’ll explain you how it works.

  • anyone up for a game of revised with tech and 12 national advantages, using aBattlemap, frood or in forum dice.

  • I would like play AA50 using TripleA via play by email

    I think I will be able to get my turn done and back fairly quickly, no more then a day.

    As for sides I don’t really mind, we can roll or we can just play one game then switch sides for another, I’m easy that way 🙂

    National Objective’s is a must, other then that whatever options you want are fine with me

    Oh and you also would need to be OK with getting your butt kicked by a girl 🙂  Ok maybe that isn’t accurate, you will need to be ok with the fact I am doing this to try and be more involved in the “guys” gaming days and not be a clueless dolt so don’t expect an exceptionally high quality of play.

    So any of you guys wanna play with me?

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