UK Strategies Other Than Middle Earth?

  • Hello everyone, I have recently been experimenting with the UK, and I am trying to find a strategy which works at least nearly as well as middle earth. I have tried to do a more historical landing in Norway or across the channel into France, but found that with Germany buying 2ish bombers a turn I had to spend most my IPCS just adding to my fleet to prevent its destruction. I also tried a more economic warfare strategy , which worked well enough where I bought subs and parked them in just about every convoy zone around Europe, especially in the Adriatic sea zone which Italy could not deal with at all and it brought them to basically 0 ipcs a turn. I spent the rest of my ipcs on bombers, and went ham on industrial raids. However, with no british presence in the middle east to push up into the soviet union, the germans were able to capture and hold stalingrad, the cacuses, and the other territories down there for a huge income boost, as well as a huge income hit to the russians. the japanese also took calcutta and there was just nothing I could do to reinforce or retake it.
    So I’m asking you all if there are any other effective uk strategies or is middle earth simply the best by far?

  • @sleepykoala

    Yes i made a movie about it:

    With the UK fleet still alive and with the factory in Egypt i start buying subs to start convoying Italy and combined with bombers to industrial bomb germany.

    I do this because US goes in a KJF so except for some subs and bombers no land units are built in the atlantic

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    Are you playing OOB - or do you use any house rules?

  • @the-captain

    OOB table top without bid.
    What do you think about my UK move. Any feedback, even negative is welkome.

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    It is very interesting. How does this work in a full game?

    We haven’t played OOB G40 since 2012… since then we always play with either Global 1940 Basic Expansion - or Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    These rules have only a limited impact during the first and second round of the game - but they bring numerous options to all Nations for as long as the game lasts.

    Tons of fun and challenge👍

  • @the-captain well against our group pretty good. Italy doesn’t really know how to react.
    On triple it gave me victories as well but against mediocer players i think.
    Downside is you do give a form of initiative to the Italians so it can provide some surprises (for exemple suïcide transport to Malta or Cyprus to deny the UK bonus. but if Italy overstretches than they’re dead round 2.

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    You’re not going to be able to hold Moscow in an OOB game with no bid just by bombing and convoying Germany and Italy, because the Axis forces that take Moscow are 90%+ built by turn 3 using income collected on turn 2, so there isn’t enough time to build and attack with a significant number of bombers/subs. Subs built on turn 1 mostly can’t even reach Axis convoy zones on turn 2, and England can only afford to buy 2 bombers on turn 1, which isn’t going to have a significant impact.

    If you want to reduce the size of the force that’s attacking Moscow, you have to put enough pressure on Germany (by credibly threatening to take Berlin) to motivate the Germans to retreat a portion of their forces back from the Russian front lines.

    So, if you don’t want to build British units in the middle east and walk them north to Moscow, what are you going to do instead? You can go all out kill-japan-first with the idea of losing Moscow and retaking it much later using American / Indian forces advancing from Asia. You can land in Norway and Finland and build factories there and invade Germany from the north. You can land in Normandy and Belgium and invade Germany from the west. You can build a factory in Egypt and maybe Greece and attack Italy and then invade Germany from the south. There’s lots of options; you just need to think about your overall strategic goals.

  • @argothair yes that indeed is an issue. That is why i stop doing taranto but this form of Gibastion. This way i save the fleet and carrier. So UK 2 i move them (UK fighters from the Med and London who are now in algeria) to Egypte and there on to Moscow. Togethee with the Anzac fighters this gives Russia a bit of breathing space.
    The factory in Egypte buys subs and a fighter turn two and from turn 3 on fighters abd Land units .
    It is not the perfect plan but wirh a US going 75% KJF you can’t invade Europe direct.

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