A&A.ORG 2006 Revised 2-on-2 Tournament

  • It is official sports fans, the Tournament is a go!

    Registration Form will be posted in the next day or 2.

    Tournament is restricted to the first 8 TEAMS that register (16 players), for a 4 round Tournament.
    Some details…
    Single Ellimination (just like NCAA Basketball)
    There WILL be a Consolation Game for 3rd place between the 2 teams that lose in the Final Four.

    The USA player will also play USSR to maintain game flow.
    24 hour posting limit (the next move must be posted within 24 hours of the prior move)
    48 hour default.
    3 weeks per game, and a week off before the start of the next round.

    Tournament will begin 1 AUGUST
    Elite 8 will begin 1 September
    Final 4 will begin 1 October
    Champtionship and Consolation games will begin 1 Novemember.

    If you have not already found your teammate, do so quickly!  Space IS limitted!

    And NO registrations will be accepted until the registration form is posted!

  • Registration Form will be posted in the new
    Find Players and Game Discussion  topic area.


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