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  • I’d like to switch around my quotes. I think I’ll keep the Napoleon one, its one of my favorites. Here are a few quotes, if you could help me decide which is best I’d appreciate it.

    “Whether it’s silly puddy or your new Ford Explorer, it all goes better with cleavage” - Chris Issack

    “It’s up to you not to act… how you were brought up”

    • The Clash Song “The Call Up”

    “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” - Patrick Henry

    Those are my top 3. I got a huge list, mostly from American Revolutionaries, Music, especially Frank Zappa Songs.

    “History is just a set of lies agreed upon”

    • Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte
      “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference” - Robert Frost
      “Only the dead will see the end of war”

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  • “Give me Liberty or Give me Apple Juice! Or something like that 😉” - Patrick Henry

    “Axis and Allies stands not only as one of the most stupendous works of man, but also as one of the most beautiful of human creations. Indeed, it is at once so great and so simple that it seems to be almost a work of nature.”

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  • i’m bout the pudding and ford explorer one….btw I stole your napoleon one…its very witty mua ha ha

  • eh…Macbeth is bettah!

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    An old favorite and a new one inspired by HFW

  • another d-backs fan eh? keep that record updated!

  • Damn Dbacks… Yankees will have revenge this year!

  • You said it Yanny! 124 million dollars has to buy something!

    I don’t know who is my favorite player anymore now that O’Neill is gone!

  • My favorite player, Tino, is gone =( And Giambi sucks too!

  • hey tino sucked! him and giambi are peas in a pod!

    damn, we’re losing 3-0 now, but soriano had a double! i’m starting to cheer for him now, because he is a relatively new player. I hope he becomes a great yankee.

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    Damn mets!
    And I’m not just another fan, I live here, and I became a baseball fan when we got the team. I even worked on the construction of the ballpark.

    It’s to bad that an average fan can’t afford to go to the world series, I guess I will have to save my pennies and get season tickets. 😄

    “Always mystify confuse and confound the enemy” Gen. Thomas J Jackson
    D-Backs- 16W 11L


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  • Mets have been whoopin’ you! I hope it is a subway series this year.

    You worked on that huge phoenix stadium? Does it have AC and a retractable dome?

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    Yep, I worked on the fire sprinklers. I is unbeliveable that they can aircondition that thing butwithin a couple hours they can drop the temperature over 20 degrees. I don’t think it helps the field much but the stands are quite comfortable even when it is 100 degrees out side.

    It’s amazing to watch the roof open, they open it up before some of the games and at the end of others.

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    Forgot my signature!

  • So your sig is that important eh?

    Does that stadium have a nick-name, like the house that the Cleveland Indians built?

  • Tino was the Yankee’s best slugger during the playoffs. He had the least errors of any infielder (actually, I believe he was tied with Jeter). And, he is the only player ever to hit 2 Grand Slams in a world series (vs the Padres).

    And, he’s cheaper than Giambi!

  • isn’t he kicking ass thus far on whatever team he’s on. last time i heard his name mentioned he won the game…i can’t remember the team name.

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    The official name is Bank One Ballpark, but everyone calls it the Bob.

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    Take that Met fans!
    Now lets see if we can split the series.

  • thje sox did the same to the yanks. hopefully the mets go 3-1!

  • Imagine a pool in Yankee stadium like the one in “Bob”, during the playoffs of course!

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    Some facts about the Bob. (I was a little off on my info)

    The retractable roof, comprising 9 million pounds of structural steel, operates on the same tried-and-true technology found in drawbridges and overhead traveling cranes. A pair of 200-horsepower motors open or close the roof in slightly more than four minutes, utilizing more than four miles of cable strung through a pulley system. Each half of the roof consists of three moveable trusses which telescope over a fixed end truss. The east and west sides of the roof can operate either in unison or independently. Either side of the roof can be opened to any position in order to maximize sunlight on the turf and minimize it on the interior steel and concrete.

    The 8,000-ton cooling system is the equivalent of air conditioning for more than 2,500 typical Arizona homes. The system incorporates air handlers and a large cooling tower on the south side of the Ballpark. The air handlers push 1.2 million cubic feet of air per minute across cooling coils containing water chilled to 48 degrees (several degrees cooler than an average residential system). The system, which is designed to bring the temperature down by 30 degrees in three hours, is configured to deliver cool air only to the seating areas and concourses. It will not cool the entire volume of the Ballpark.

    In recreating an upscale Arizona backyard, the Pavilion gives about 35 guests the opportunity to see the Diamondbacks play while enjoying a swimming pool, hot tub, fountains, catering and other amenities.

    The Pavilion is located next to the outfield wall in right-center. With the pool approximately 415 feet from home plate, home runs occasionally make a splash. When a Diamondback homers, water cannons celebrate by firing streams 30 to 35 feet into the air.

    In case your interested in getting tickets, The Pool Pavilion rents for $5,250 per game and includes the exclusive use of the facility on your game date, 35 tickets, 5 parking passes, and a complimentary pool towel and pair of Sensi sandals for each guest.

    “Always mystify confuse and confound the enemy” Gen. Thomas J Jackson
    D-Backs- 17W 11L


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    I don’t know why I thought we had a three game series with the mets. Oh well some times you loose the series. Not very often though.

  • Yanny, yer a Zappa fan? Me too! Can’t wait for the new live release. A few favorite lines…

    “Just remember folks, there’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over.”

    voice #1 “I…I’ve lost it!”
    voice #2 “What, yer talent for sucking?”

    “thirty-six, twenty-four, hips about thirty,
    I spied a fine lady and I started talkin’ dirty.”

    and there’s SO much more.

  • Big Fan. Too bad he died before I was old enough to see him live.

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