Allies on French transport than turns Vichy

  • The rules do not clarify what happens exactly here. I assume they are surrendered but I don’t know at the end of the day.

  • @caesar-seriona Agreed that we do not have clarity here. However, I would argue they are eliminated and use Allies in surrounded Paris when France surrenders as my precedent.

  • For lack of specification in the rules (8.4 - Transporting allied units), we could consider three possible options:

    1° The allied units are eliminated

    2° The allied units turn Vichy

    3° The allied units get a chance to disembark on a friendly adjacent territory.

    All in all, it seems a very bad idea to transport allied units until the status of the French fleet has been resolved and there will be very little opportunity to do so, as France usually surrenders before it gets a chance to move anything as an allied power.

  • @noneshallpass It is a bad idea but it doesn’t change the fact it’s not addressed because the people who wrote the rule book didn’t think shit out.

  • @caesar-seriona I do that that is being a bit harsh, there are so many situations that come up once in a hundred games, and with a game this size you can’t hit everything.

    I would agree that they are removed. Going Vichy sounds just wrong, and disembarking also doesn’t sound as plausible, and has no basis in the rules. The remove from the board does have a basis in a surrounded Paris.

    That said, this one needs an errata.

  • @trig I’m not sorry for being harsh. My group and I have torn the rule book apart for subjective writing. Rules books needs to be objective writing.

    Come to find out, they only test a few games with the same players to hash the rules out and then the excuse I got for all of this is that we work for free and can’t hash it out.

    Wrong answer. If you’re going to work on a rule book, work on the rule book or don’t take the responsibility.

    All because the people -somehow- don’t understand objective wording.

  • I agree with @Trig. It’s not a common situation and could have been easily overlooked in the rules. The FAQ likes to contradict me lately, but I also feel that it would be lost.

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    As one of the writers of version 3 rulebook, I can say that this was the best we could do given the time of about one month or so that the lead designer and I were given a free hand to adapt version 3. I seriously recommend house ruling where needed.

    I decided to no longer work with HBG for different reasons, among which disagreements about being allowed to share house rules with you guys. So if it was up to me, I would say, take the unit off the board and into the production chart. Vichy is a neutral nation and the units would be put ashore somewhere to find their way back to home country or friendly territory. This travel would be the turn the unit has to stay on the production chart before returning on the board as a regular placement. Downside for the Allies is that the unit can not be used for 1 owner’s turn after the Fall of France. But this is a house rule. And the lead designer is the only one working on the rules so he can make an official ruling for it.

    Enjoy your games!

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    I guess that would work in all cases, not just the French, where your Allie surrenders and you have units on a transport or a carrier.

  • @delaja Thanks for all the work you did in that month!

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    Version 3 would have been better, had we more time, but we were given a deadline and there is just so much one can do. HBG is a commercial company working with ‘unpaid’ hobbyist designers. Sure things can be made better for sure. Focus of tje designers was on making rules work and introducing cool stuff that worked, like the new technology rules. Focus of the company is to ensure its future. There will always be friction between creativity and money-driven decisions. Just don’t let your creativity be monopolized or restricted by the ones who earn that money. 🤭

  • @delaja I never played v2, but initially I was watching videos of that version. V3 was a tremendous advance of the game!

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    Thanks for the compliments! When we were still we, we did our best to achieve that.

    I don’t want to go too much off topic. But a short intro back to the topic is allowed I assume.

    For the future I will work with the original designer of the first Global War map who offered it for free back in the days. We will make sure that our version updates will be available for free as well. You would then only have to print the map or change it if you wish customizations. And the rules would be written, without commercial interest. These would also be for free. Deathhead’s legacy carries on! That is an allegiance statement.

    And this French units house rule solution for Allied units in surrendering friendly vessels will be in it too. 😃

    So to stay on topic, I don’t have an official answer for the question, only a house rule solution. Good question! The situation did not occur to us during development. Indeed HBG should clarify.

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