Complete collection for sale - Cash Pickup in Copenhagen only.

  • I am selling my complete collection of Axis & Allies games, 30 different variations (all complete, and half of them with many extra pieces), also included you will find a tablesized board for playing the Global edition, a massive vinyl board for Global War 1936-1945, many extra pieces worth several hundred euro.

    The whole collection can be bought/collected in Ballerup (near Copenhagen) for cash… Messege me for details and price. You will need a small van for the 11 big boxes and the big board.

    Included are also a big collection of the various PC games, plus a big box of related boardgames for the Axis & Allies series.

    Pictures will be available by Sunday (I hope), both here and if you messege me.

    The following boardgame variations are included:

    Nova Games (plus expansion)
    Jedko Games (plus expansion)
    MB Gamemaster 1st. edition
    MB Gamemaster 2nd. edition
    MB Gamemaster Duthch edition
    MB Gamemaster French/Canadian edition
    Europe 1940 1st. edition
    Pacific 1940 1st. edition
    Europe 1940 2nd. edition
    Pacific 1940 2nd. edition
    Anniversary 1st. edition
    Anniversary 2nd. edition
    Revised 366 edition
    Revised 370 edition
    Revised Tilsit (French) edition
    Europe 369 edition (incl. Italy expansion)
    Europe 370 edition (incl. Italy expansion)
    1942 2nd. edition
    D-Day 1st. edition
    D-Day 2nd. edition
    D-Day 3rd. edition
    Battle of the Bulge
    Pacific 330 edition
    Pacific 335 edition
    Pacific 345 edition
    WWI 1914

  • Dang. I’m not close. Maybe captain might be interested

  • @aadudecphdk1981

    I’m an ocean away, but I’m just curious the price you are charging this for. Thank you!

  • 2024 2023 '22 '21


    Interesting - look forward to see pictures.

    I might drop by in the near future, to see your collection first hand.

  • @the-captain I am sure we can work something out.

  • @the-captain Here are a few pictures to start with, an overview of all the games, plus some pictures of most of the extra pieces.

    IMG_8963.JPG IMG_8962.JPG IMG_8961.JPG IMG_8960.JPG IMG_8959.JPG

  • @aadudecphdk1981

    Looks great,

    I have them all already:+1: (exept “Classic” 1st edition).

    In total I have 25-30 games - only a few are still in original boxes, since they take up too much space. I’ve kept 1 original gameboard from each game.

    Anyway, I’ll come by asap - then we’ll talk:+1:

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