Interception, what about bombers ?

  • I have a question regarding interception. Does the bombers fight back during the interception phase and if yes are they able to intercept with fighters since they got an interception of 1 in attack and in defence ?

    For example, Germany starts a bombing raid in London with 1 medium bomber and 1 strategic bomber with 1 fighter escorting and there is 1 British fighter and 1 British strategic bomber in London. If UK decides to intercept which planes are allowed to fight during the interception phase ?
    I see 3 possible answers:

    1. Only the fighters
    2. The fighters and the German bombers
    3. All the planes

    My guess is number 2 since it’s the one that make more sense to me but since all bombers have an attack and a defence value for interception I am confused, I don’t see to point of having both attack and defence value if you can’t use them both. Thanks in advance for your answers guys !

  • @spartantom I would assume the second. That said, it is not specifically stated.
    I would think though that because only fighters can intercept, bombers could never participate as a defender.

  • @trig I agree with Trig. Only the attacking bombers, the escorting fighters, and the intercepting fighters. I do not think you can intercept with defending bombers (even though they have an interception value)!

  • All relevant rules refer to intercepting or scrambling Fighters (including Jet Fighters). The defender cannot send bombers to intercept.

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