• Has anyone else played around with a German IC in France? I have tested it a few times as a way to get German ships into sz7 or sz13. I find throwing out a destroyer to stop any offshore bombardment helpful. Being able to put some ships in sz13 can help because Italy doesn’t have the economy for a navy. I also like the ability to be able to buy what is needed to defend France without having to move it next turn. Also having two IC as Germany lessens the impact of strategic bombing raids to a degree. Has anyone else tried this before?

  • @dictatorcj

    When playing with national objectives, another advantage is increasing the number of units you can place allows for the option of infantry spamming for a slow and steady push to Moscow while keeping your Western flank secure.

    The downside of course is of course is if the US focuses on the Atlantic, the allies can mount a massive threat to France. Success in North Africa increases what Italy can contribute to the defense of France while decreasing the UK’s threat, but this is hard to maintain if the US goes KGF.

    My two cents would be to not place until round 2. Germany is already tight on funds round 1 without bonuses, plus it gives you a chance to see if the US focus will be Pacific or Atlantic.

  • @pizzapete
    I see your point of waiting until G2 to purchase a IC in France. It allows me see what the US does first. I usually play with National Objectives, so on G2 I usually have extra money to buy an IC. I do not usually spam infantry because I don’t have the patience for it and my plsy group can’t fit in that many rounds.

    The games I put the IC down are usually when I am playing slightly defensive and making time for Japan to take Moscow. I tend to throw a few U-boats into the Atlantic with bombers to slow down the allied transports. Try to keep the allies off my shores for a bit.

  • @dictatorcj

    Interesting. Yes the ability to put subs in the med probably greatly increases their utility by precluding the uk from placing a destroyer in the english channel to protect a landing in Morocco, which hopefully bus Italy some time to earn some objective money. I know they only have two, but with such a small economy the NOs increase Italy’s capacity to contribute by quite a bit, proportionally speaking.

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