• 2021 '16 '15

    Hey fellow GW36 community,
    just bought GW36 and started to read the rules and play a solo game to
    fully understand the rules.
    Now I have couple questions which might be easy to answer and already discussed in earlier threads.

    1. In the first turn of CCP, when I try to influence Hopeh and succeed are all 3 territories of that warlord (Suiyuan, Peking and Hopeh) no under control of CCP or only Hopeh?
    2. If Germany declares war on France turn 2 does Great Britain get their wartime income immediately in Germany turn 2 or does it apply later during Getting Income phase of UK 2?
    3. When Germany declares war on France and US is still not at war, does the +5 Peacetime increase count on the IPP tracker or is it just a 5Ipp boost which is just added to the US player and the IPP tracker is not moved because it is mentioned as a one time boost?
      Same question when Japan declares war on China. Here the chart says that US is getting a +5 boost.
    4. Is Carpet bombing a part of the regular combat phase or does it happen before a combat takes place in a territory? For example Germany attacks Alsace Lorrain with 3inf 2 art and 2 Stretegic Bombers against 5 french infantry. Does the Carpet bombing comes first as a kind of first strike and the regular combat of the land units will follow?

    Thanks for your help.

  • @robson

    I’m a relatively newbie too, but here’s my take:

    1. The text of the CCP reference sheet is “. . . If the roll is less than or equal to the total number of land zones the CCP Possesses, all remaining land zones and military units of that warlord align with CCP immediately.” That indicates that all the zones (plural) belonging to that warlord join the CCP.

    2. Do you mean ‘peacetime income’? If so then the UK income level is immediately adjusted on the tracking chart, but they don’t actually receive any cash in hand yet.

    3. Unless I’m missing a nuance the answer is the same as above. The ‘(once)’ on the reference sheet is merely to differentiate a Germany declaration of war against France (an event that can only happen once), vs something like Japan building a battleship (an event than happen multiple time and which will each earn an income increase for the US)

    4. My understanding is that they are separate combats (but could kinda go hand in hand). During your combat movement phase you would move your carpet bombers in to to the targeted zone. Additionally you could move in invading ground and air units. Two separate combats are in play. . . but the attacker gets to decide which one takes place first. (rules section 9.1 “The Attacking player decides in which order the declared combats are resolved.”) Theoretically you could do the carpet bombing AFTER the invasion, but that would be pretty silly.

  • 2021 '16 '15

    @nathan-greve thanks mate. Really appreciate your help. I am currently watching the Operation Live and let die online game from Panzer J, fighting Irish and GW36Enthusiast where I learned a lot.

  • @robson That makes me happy to hear you are watching and learning from Operation Live and Let Die, Robson! We certainly learned a lot making the series!

    I agree with all of Nathan’s answers.

    I’d advise you not to declare war on France on Turn 2 as Germany! Not only are you dramatically increasing the income of both France and Great Britain, but you haven’t yet been able to purchase any medium armor (which is a two year advantage Germany gets over other countries). The USA gets 5 more IPP every turn, so if you are declaring 3 or 4 turns earlier than normal, then that’s an extra 15 or 20 IPP the USA gets as well.

  • On carpet bombing, since in only lasts one round and the ground units do not fire back (rule 9.17), as the attacker you 100% want to do the carpet bombing first, since any defender that you eliminate by carpet bombing will not take part in the subsequent land combat with your other forces.

  • @robson

    1. yes all territories and units that are under that warlord.
    2. UK will not go to war time income immediately but will instead I believe roll 2D12. this may or may not bring UK to wartime income.
    3. Its a boost on the IPP tracker for both times. Permanent increase in income.
    4. you can resolve the carpet bombing rolls in the 1st round of combat. Its not first strike.
  • 2021 '16 '15

    @hbg-gw-enthusiast Yes your online really is a tutorial for me. I am currently at Round 5 of your game and I keep watching it 🙂
    Of course you are right about the G2 attack on France. The solo game I am doing is more of a rule learning game to me with no real strategic value so far. Reason being is that I am waiting for couple more parts from HBG to
    finally have all units available.

  • 2021 '16 '15

    @noneshallpass thanks that makes total sense 👍

  • @theveteran

    UK will not go to war time income immediately but will instead I believe roll 2D12. this may or may not bring UK to wartime income.

    UK Goes to wartime income when "the axis or comentern declares war on france.

    you can resolve the carpet bombing rolls in the 1st round of combat. Its not first strike.

    While its not technically first strike, you may choose to resolve it before combat occurs in the zone being attacked by other land forces. So it’s effectively first - first strike.

  • @insanehoshi

    yes you are right, i had in my head what happens when Germany declares war on a neutral country.

    again, correct about resolving carpet bombing first. my bad.

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