• Bury is a lost cause.  Japan takes it on J2, with or without 6 INF and a FIG there.  And they take minimal to no losses eitehr way (BB shots, FIGs, BOMs, 3 TRN’s of units, plus troops from Manch).

    A better plan is for Russia to engage in strategic retreat from the 1 IPC territories and stage for counter-attacks from Novo. Drom that position they can stall the Japan offesnive along both the northern and central ciorridors for several rounds at a cost of 1-2 ARM from Moscow and their starting Eastern INF.  That leaves Russia still net positive income (due to West Russia and trading Ukraine) and able to focuse more than 90% of their IPC’s on Germany for 5 turns or so.

    Add a US IC in Sinkiang, and Japan can be held at bay for 10 turns or more with almost no cost in purchased units by Russia.

  • The 6 Russians and Brit fighter have moved by J2.

    It’s a good move- saves a destroyer and keeps Japan from going banzai on those 6 infantry (some people do, after all).

    However, if 2 German units are holding Egypt, I feel the best move with the fighter is to take Egypt back along with 3 infantry and slow Germany’s advances in Africa to a crawl.

    To me the final use is coupling with the sub to take out the Japanese sub, then landing on the US carrier at Pearl. No jap sub + extra fighter means some risk for the Japanese fleet-  too much attrition and it makes a US counter more feasible.

    I really dislike the idea of parking the British fighter in China. Talk about no chance of survival.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I don’t like the idea of having valuable russian infantry on the beach.  They’re lazy.  Half the time they don’t load their weapons and the other half the time they arn’t given bullets to load them with.

    I’d rather give up 2 IPCs in land then 18 IPCs for infantry AND 1 IPC in land.  Sure, you’ll hold Bury 1 more round if you stockpile it, but you’ll loose it on J2.

  • Well turn 1 you can with your UK fleet

    A ->destroy that transport
    B -> Take FIC.

    The fighter you can position on either carrier or on china. Have to check what would be the best move carrier will be nice since it will most likely inflict 1 fighter on damage on japan but on china it might turn the battle. This move also moves the japan forces out of the way a bit.

    Japan should focus on china otherwise they wil consolidate. FIC because otherwise the UK can easy build an IC in india and become a pain. The fleet of FIC, the destroyer off kwatun, the us fleet. And you just cant do that with the troops you have unless you have a lot of risky battles. Every 1 of these battles on its own is a piece of cake for japan but with that many targets around you cant take them all on at the same time. IF you kill the US fleet at pearl you wont be killing china or the UK fleet or FIC.

    I agree with the strategic retreat for russia and if you can at the same time consolidate india and china you got 3 blocks of 6 inf at the cost of 2-3 russian inf on the german side. But not on USSR1 do it on turn 2. This forces japan to have a defence on the north or you can just take a 3ipc country at the cost of 1 inf basicaly costing you nothing but slowing his IC building there.
    This will block japan long enough and gives the US some turns to build up fleet to harass japan with. And it does not mather how big your japan fleet is if you cant reach the US fleet it could be 100x as big.

  • @88:

    The 6 Russians and Brit fighter have moved by J2.

    It’s a good move- saves a destroyer and keeps Japan from going banzai on those 6 infantry (some people do, after all).

    right. it retreates, but after doing its job and costing japan time/ipc


  • The response for that Shadow is for Japan to not sweat. Calm, rational, deliberate action.

    You don’t have to counter every single move as Japan. You don’t have to, for example, worry about killing the destroyer off Kwangtung. What threat does it really pose if your navies are defendable? Zero. Kill Pearl and China, bring your E Indies fleet to clean out the carrier and transport, and an inf/ arm to F Indo- most likely the Brits lost 2 infantry taking it (at least). Bring 5 infantry and 2 fighters to China. Sure it’ll cost more than normal but you’ll win. Send an extra fighter to wherever the British fighter landed (either China or off French Indo). Allow Russia to step into Manchuria. With a 3 transport (placed in SZ 61)/ 2 infantry build you’ll crush all 6 if they brought them. If less it’ll be even easier. Hey, they’re dead Russians, which is good. Do the normal Pearl strike. Expand as usual on J2 and beyond.

    Yes these moves slow down Japan, but they make Germany’s life easier. With the moves you described German armor is racing south in Africa, and once Japan has taken out the Brits in the pacific theater on J1, India is ripe for the plucking for either Japan or Germany (G3 med fleet escape). Personally I’d rather conserve the British carrier, transport, and fighter. On UK4 they lock down SZ12 while the combined fleets are hemming in Germany in the north.

    The first time someone sees an aggressive Britain in the pacific it might freak them out, and they might do something silly, but if you’ve been around the block a few times…

    I’m not saying by any stretch of the imagination that these are bad moves Mr. Hawk. I’m pointing out how I would counter them and the game-wide ramifications, in my opinion.

  • Well nice way to counter. Riskier then i would normaly go on some fights though although im pretty conservative with fights.
    I was a bit shocked by his moves and since it was our first game with LL i tried to get low casualties in most fights. So i could not take pearl with decisive forces :(.

    The least they do it lower the attacks of each japan force so the allies can inflict more damage on them. Hm i could park the carrier off the philipines to ensure you cant land in FIC with land forces :P.

    But what do you defend your 3 new trannies with if you send your BB + AC to the brittisch fleet and the other BB + AC + dest to the pearl fleet. Ill take my chances with that destroyer vs 3 trannies.

    Hm checked and the tranny cant carry an inf in the FIC battle ( my opponent cheated 😛 ) so that battle might be a bit biased towards the japps. Killing the land forces would prove valuable though to secure india for at least 1 turn to come ( with an IC that will amount to 6 units on J2 and 9 on J3 not counting air ).

    But on the main topic i think that US can easy get some usefull fleet in the pacific at the end of turn 2 grabbing some islands. And at worst these are a distraction. At best jappan will lose all its island posessions and has a sizable US force in FIC to content with.

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