• Picked up Anniversary edition to play with my dad. We played classic regularly years ago. I’ve been playing Axis 1941 on TripleA Hard AI to find strategies that work reliably. Finally believe I’ve found a reliable strategy that works nearly every time, even without NOs, as I don’t play NOs with dad. This relies on Allies going KGF, but could work for KJF, just keep the fleet back as a deterrent and take Russia first, then turn some attention back.

    Buy 6 Tanks
    Take out English Navy
    SZ7 1xSub, Norway Fighter, Bomber to SZ2
    SZ7 1xSub, NWE Fighter, Germany Fighter to SZ12
    SZ5 Sub, Poland Fighter to SZ6
    Take Ukraine, and only Ukraine.
    All 6 tanks and all BGR to Ukraine. Bring tank and inf from France or Libya as well.
    Ignore Egypt, you’ll loose Libya and Morocco anyway, let them move Egypt’s units away from our area of focus.
    Move everything forward towards BGR, move 2 inf from Finland to Poland.

    IC for Manchuria.
    Take out American Navy, move West.
    SZ57 2 Fighters to SZ56
    SZ57 2 Fighters, SZ51 DT to SZ53
    SZ57 AC to AZ51
    CI takes Borneo and East Indies
    Battleship and Formosa fighter take SZ50
    SZ61 2 Fighters to SZ35
    SZ61, FIC to Burma
    Take Kwangtung, and two Chinese territories.
    Send everything West.
    Fighters to FIC.

    Buy 2 tanks. Attack Caucasus, but don’t take it. Retreat the fighter to Ukraine.

    Buy 6 tanks, attack and take Caucasus, bomb Russia.
    Move everything West. Russia will take it back, but you have wave two and three ready now.

    IC for Burma, 3 tanks Manchuria.
    Manchuria focusses on China, its faster and easier to Russia. Move everything to India, you should have 9 inf, 1 art, maybe 1 tank, plus fighters. Move fleet West. Fleets reaching SZ34 now. Fighters to Caucasus if Germany kept it.

    Buy 2 tanks. Support Ukraine or turn to Africa if things are going well on the road to Russia. Try and take the Suez, or Egypt at least.

    Buy 4-5 tanks+inf. By now the Allies are ready to mount the offensive, but you must keep your focus on Russia one last turn. Take Caucasus again or reinforce it, you’re not ready to take Russia, move everything forward.

    Buy IC for India, all tanks.
    Its simple from here, Burma and India feed tanks to Caucasus and Russia, Manchuria focuses on making a beeline through China to Russia. Italy and Japan take the Suez, and merge the fleets. Fighters to Germany and Caucasus.

    You should be relatively set from here. Let Germany weaken Russia on turn 5 with the remaining waves. Japan should be ready to take Russia on turn 5. Let Japan take it, they have the money to buy tanks. Germany and Italy from turn 4 on just need to turtle on their capitals and swap France long enough to survive until Japan arrives with WAVES of tanks. From there its game, Japan bombers to destroy fleets, Germany saves up two moves for your own big fleet and go to town on UK. Japan cleans up Africa and everything else.

    I’ve played maybe 20 hard AI games and this is the only strategy that I can beat the Allies with.

  • Thanks for the info! I’ll try this out on 3A. Whether over the board or on 3A we don’t tend to go that tank heavy (although at 5 IPC a piece, it’s been tempting) - too hard to get away from the old habit of stocking up on infantry.

    Have you tried this method over the board yet? We tend to play no NO’s and Dardanelles closed - would this adversely affect this strategy in your opinion?

  • @thehersh I think this strategy works against the AI mostly because the AI is very poor at attacking the Pacific with the USA. If the US puts even a medium sized fleet in the Pacific the Japan can’t afford to build maximum tanks every turn, let alone swing the entire Japanese fleet toward Egypt.

    Also, don’t you find that your opening battles against the British navy are a little risky? Hitting all 3 fleets on turn 1 means that you could easily lose at least 1 of those battles. What do you do then? Do you have a recovery plan?

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