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    Some of us have been talking about a way to kind of clean up the games area a bit and keep it focused on games that are being played rather then getting bogged down with too many other threads.  So, step one is to create this thread and an “Active Player” list.  I’ll have that thread up shortly and will be starting with Revised.

    As of right now we’ll loosely define active player as anyone who has played AND completed a game this year.  This is not going to be an area to directly challenge people, it is more for informative purposes so people can see that, yes, people do play games here and just how many, etc…
    Also the list will be completely voluntary and you do not have to be on it if you don’t wish.  And we’ll update it periodically.

    For the time being this will be the thread for you guys out there to chat, make suggestions, and maybe even state that you’re looking for a game.  Although that may change.

    The main thing is to try and cut down on the “I’m looking for a game” threads that are only about 10 posts that tend to clutter up the games area.  Don’t worry I’m guilty of that too.  😄

    It is do to the great deal of activity we’ve seen in this forum over the past year or so that has brought this about, and that is a good thing and a credit to all of you that play games here.

    I’m sure we’ll have more info later, but keep up the good work guys, and keep the games area thriving!!!

  • I would like to recommend that anyone starting a game, use the players and which side they are on as the subject header.  This way, if you are on the list of “active” players, potential opponents can scan the games area to see if you are currently playing.

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    That’s a good idea.

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I was wondering if maybe an FAQ on the site home page might be in order? One place where you can go for answers to questions such as:

    Do people play online?
    How do I start a game?
    What do I need to play a game online? Where do I get that stuff? How do I install it?
    What ruleset is used?
    How do you roll dice?
    How do you find an opponent?

    I’m not saying the information isn’t on the boards but you do have to sort it out a bit. The sticky threads on this board are very helpful but maybe not as concise and effiecient as they could be. A more focused and thought out set of the conventions that should be used and followed would probably benefit everyone.

    Perhaps the “Active Player” list could have a “available for game column.” If you are looking for a game you check the list and private message someone who is available and ask for a game.

  • You hit one of my self-imposed projects… compiling the info on online gaming into ONE concise cluster for web site posting

  • 2007 AAR League

    I have a suggestion, setting up Child boards for Classic & Revised games.

  • Not sure if there is enough Classic activity left for that…

    We do have some new Classic players, but we have lost some also.

    Let’s see how many entries we get for non-revised players and then look at child boards like the Tournaments board…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Maybe you could change the name of this board from “games” to “find online opponents” or something similar. Then make a child board called “active games” and move the games to that board. That way people will come to the “find online opponents” board to get assistance with online play, accept a challenge, make a challenge or to get tournament announcements and when the players agree on terms they can start the game in the “active games” board. It should help keep the challenges and game discussion out of the “tournament” and “active games” child boards.

  • 2007 AAR League

    What in God’s name just happened? I was just finishing a post a minute ago and POOF! all the games disappeared. Fear me!! MY posts are magical!!  I am MIGHTY!!! As soon as I learn how to harness my power to make things disappear I’m heading over to the nearest health club girls locker room to make all of their clothes disappear.

  • Just a little house keeping to make things easier to read…

  • How about having another child forum to move completed games into, so that only active games are in the Games forum.

  • The completed games just work down the thread and disapear onto page 2 and beyond…
    All of the active games will be on Page 1

  • 2007 AAR League

    hey guys, put my buddy mojo on the active players list

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    Mojo added.

  • @ncscswitch:

    You hit one of my self-imposed projects… compiling the info on online gaming into ONE concise cluster for web site posting

    Has this been done?  If so, where is this located?


  • @axis_roll:


    You hit one of my self-imposed projects… compiling the info on online gaming into ONE concise cluster for web site posting

    Has this been done?  If so, where is this located?


    Actually, no it has not.  Many of hte links I have for various resources no longer work and for some I have not found replacements.  Combine this with the increased time demands at work, as well the the Tournament etc, and it has just fallen through the cracks unfortunately.

  • Anyone up for a game?

  • This is a great site, where else can you look in on 10 games or more and see the best players duke it out.
            Tanks! ya’ll are the greatest

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