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    Here are my latest ship customizations, the CV-4 Ranger and CV-7 Wasp. These two ships have been missing from my aircraft carrier lineup. Now I have all the US aircraft carriers available from the Lexington class to the Midway class.

    The Ranger & Wasp have highly detailed flight decks and authentic hull camouflage. As you can see, the realism is taken to the next level. There simply isn’t anything else like them offered on the market. These look good in pictures but they don’t quite capture the magic of holding one in your hand.

    Both are fully magnetized to hold two aircraft.

    The Ranger is a 3D print sculpt from EBard Models.

    Ranger Angled View - EBard 1200x900.jpg

    Ranger Stbd View 1200x900.jpg

    Ranger Port View 1200x900.jpg

    Ranger Bottom View 1200x900.jpg

    The Wasp is also a 3D print sculpt from EBard Models.

    CV-7 - Angled View 1200x900.jpg

    CV-7 - Port View 1200x900.jpg

    CV-7 - Stbd View 1200x900.jpg

    CV-7 - Bottom View 1200x900.jpg

    Visit my site at A&A Boardgaming and see the entire lineup of US aircraft carriers and more.

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