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    These House Rules look awesome and I can’t wait to start trying out Section 1 on Saturday. Question - Does artillery paired with any type of infantry (including SS Infantry) increase their attack value by 1? I know they’re still infantry, but…

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    Hi @mkgionet

    Yea SS Units only boost other SS Units. So Regular Artillery wouldn’t boost the Waffen Boys. It does boost the Wehrmacht Panzergrenadier to 3 though.

    Something I usually forget lol

    Let us know how your game goes 🙂

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    Hi @mkgionet

    I hope you’ll enjoy your Global 1940 game today.

    We’re truly looking forward to your feedback.

    You can post your feedback at the Global 1940 & 1943 Game Report Thread that we have created for especially this purpose.

    Let me know how you deployed the iconic Waffen-SS units. They are needed for sure on the Eastern Front to take up the fight against the Soviets - and especially the Soviet Guard Infantry units.

    Have fun👍

  • @the-captain Thanks Captain! After 11 hours (4turns) of hard-fought battle neither side has a clear advantage. Germany is on the doorstep of Moscow but likely doesn’t have enough to take it next turn. The German player has not decided to take advantage of the SS infantry and instead focused on purchasing massive amounts of tanks at the reduced price of 5.
    Question- Can Japan build a major industrial complex in Kiangsu? Japan starts the game in control of it, but technically it belongs to China?

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    That sounds as a great game.

    Japan can only build a Major Industrial Complex in Korea, since this is an original Japanese territory.

    Please remember:
    This thread is Strategy Guide Global 1940.

    To avoid confusion, you should post your next comments at the Global 1940 & 1943 Game Report Thread - you’ll find it at the frontpage of this House Rules section👍

    There you’ll also find Game Reports with pictures from other Global 1940 games - and you might find inspiration for you strategies.

    Looking forward to your next Game Report.

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    The United States Strategy Guide will be updated with an additional US Strategic Plan.

    We expect to be able to release it in Early 2023.

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