Can Italy stay neutral the whole game

  • In the British reference sheet, it states that Great Britain may declare war on an Axis power if that nation has declared war on any other nation during the game. Does this include the Axis power in question being at war at all, even if it was the opposing nation that declared war first?

    Here’s the scenario in our game: Italy has never declared war on another power. The USSR has just declared war on Italy, and now Great Britain wants to use that as justification for attacking Italy. Is this allowed? Or does Italy need to be the one to make the declaration of war?

  • @mike141500 Italy does. Only USSR can attack Italy if they don’t attack somewhere first

  • Even if USSR attacks italy, GB cant declare war on italy.

  • @mike141500 Italy has to make the Declaration of war.

  • Banned

    Any nation can remain neutral if it is not attacked or does not attack first. And a declaration of war by another power is not a declaration of war by the power that is attacked. Even though it would attack the agressor, it is not considered to be aggression. If played badly, USSR could be in great troubles declaring war on all Axis powers by itself. But who knows, you might have a lucky day 🍀

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