German Possesses Iraq? Never gonna happen right?

  • Iraq not only is worth 2 IPP for Germany if they possess it, but it also has special alignment conditions, wherein it will flip to Germany or Italy if they have units bordering it.

    Isn’t this kinda weird though? Germany is almost never going to have units adjacent to it, unless they take Yugoslavia, build transports one by one (as it only has a minor dockyard) and then naval invade Syria / Transjordan

    Germany just doesn’t have the time or income to get stuff to Africa in this game, so how the hell is it ever supposed to get Iraq or Southern Iran?

    The bonus for Transcaucasia makes sense, as it was a war goal for Barbarossa, but the Middle East?

    Only thing I can think is it is meant to represent oil resources. In which case, shouldn’t Axis control suffice, instead of requiring only Germany to possess it? Surely Italy isn’t going to hog the metaphorical oil from its ally?

    Plus, it makes the Italy player have to hold back to allow Germany access to potentially a lot of IPP despite Italy troops being able to take it.

  • @aldrahill The German player can easily take syria when they declare war on france. Italy has an easier go at it, they just load up an infantry and artillery on turn 1 and go for a Mediterranean cruise.

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    Standard move by USSR is take N Iran. S.Iran joins Germany if at war and Iraq then joins Germany as well. It is hard to then keep them as the German player but it happens.

  • While we are on the subject, the rule book state that if there is a german or italian unit in an adj. zone, iraq joins at the end of turn.

    I image this is supposed to be interpreted as if there is a german/italian unit present at end of turn? Like Germany cant land a unit in a contested zone, and then say “well i have a unit adjacent, they now align”

  • @insanehoshi hell never considered that - launch a failed attack on Syria just to get them to align 😄

  • @delaja only hurts Britain player then 😕

    Plus, hard in 2 player and I play it, allows don’t really want to hurt themselves

  • @aldrahill Plus the British/French player can not defend all the territories around iraq. They would have to defend, Syria, Jordan, and Kuwait.

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    I can’t imagine it just means moving to a contested zone. I think you’d have to have control over the territory adjacent to Iraq for that to happen!

  • @chris_henry I would agreee

  • @delaja This only happens if Germany is at war with the USSR. I usually see that happening earlier.
    I find it decently easy. If you drop an Airborne from the Balkans in Syria or Transjordan, you get Iraq. Also, in late game if you take Transcaucasia, Turkey will align, and then that places a German militia in Kars, and Iraq will align. You can also just roll through Egypt in late game to get there.
    Holding it is harder. 🙂

  • If you play with the Afrika Korps expansion it is also a possibility to be boost German presence in the Middle East.

  • @aldrahill diplomacy expansion allows Germany to straight up roll to align Iraq.

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