• When does Japan receives the bonus from the dutch Islands?
    A) when it is at war with the Netherlands.
    B) when it is at war with a major power.


  • @jan-aerts


    Answer could be find in japan reference sheet page 1.

    “WARTIME BONUS INCOME - Once at war with a Major Power. (excluding an evolved CCP/KMT)”

  • Since this question has been raised, another question about money islands.

    GW36 expects Japan to attack the Netherlands BEFORE attacking the allies, right? That’s how the reference card implies it for optimal play. Also encourages Germany to just ignore Netherlands until Japan wants to attack them.

  • '22 '21 '20 '19 '18 '17

    @aldrahill Sorry, I guess what’s your question? Just that the game assumes/expects Japan to attack the DEI’s before attacking the Allies?

    I guess from the standpoint of what might make sense to actually do in the game, yes, that is, I think, generally assumed to happen. But it’s not like a written rule or anything if that was your overall question?

    Sorry if I’m not understanding properly though!

  • @chris_henry You had it right, yes, was just asking if the presumed ideal is to hit DEI without attacking allies, thanks for answering 🙂

    Definitely always felt weird, because historically they attacked at the same time as the rest of the attacks against USA & Britain.

  • @aldrahill I think it is just a personal preference thing. You can definitely attack at the same time, there is just so many places to hit that it leaves you a little exposed. You can also attack later after you beat the allies back.

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